The "I HATE HALO" Thread

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Back in 2001, my brother bought me an Xbox and a little game called Halo: Combat Evolved which was packaged with it. For 5 years I played Halo, by myself, with friends, Co-Op, and Capture the Flag Style (all vehicles) on Bloodgulch. Fast foward 10 years later. I say this:


I have been attending PAX for the past 3 years, and me and my friends who travel all the way from New Jersey to Seattle have to get the SHAFT from all of the Halo fan boys that suck the tit from Master Chief. We were reduced to purchasing individual day passes, booking a Hotel 4 blocks away, and being restricted from attending some cool after party events all because the halo bros.

I think we should boycott this way too drawn out franchise during PAX, I want these people to know that they ruined a lot of people's trips to PAX 2011 even before it started.


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    First things first: UMAD BRO?
    Second: If you wanted badges they were up for a good few weeks to buy, same with hotels. So that is no ones fault but your own you silly goose.
    Third: I doubt that of the 60,000+ people attending PAX the majority are going for Halo Fest. PAX isn't YOUR con, it is every gamers con (that includes the halo bros)
    Fourth: 4 blocks isn't far. I believe i'm in the same hotel.
    Fifth: Way to drawn out? 6 Games? Try FF or CoD
    Sixth: I think only your trip is ruined from the sound of it.
    Lastly: Watch your language

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    Everyone I am going with doesn't care about Halo, but we love PAX, and we bought our tickets and hotel as soon as they went on sale, and had no problem.
    PAX is growing in popularity and size every year, so to blame it on one franchise is rather dumb. If you know you are going to PAX in the future, check their Twitter every day so you know when passes go on sale, and buy them then. Sure, they sold out quickly, but they were up for what, a month at least. Also, 4 blocks is not at all far away. A lot of PAX-related events, including those at Benaroya Hall are that far away or further.

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    This is not an appropriate thread for this forum. If you want to discuss you dislike for Halo, use the Games and Technology subforum. Thanks.

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