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    naengwennaengwen Registered User regular
    Rorus Raz wrote:
    TOGSolid wrote:
    Hey, when it's true, it's true. Having seen Guild Wars 2 in action I could easily see how other companies may take heed from what ArenaNet is up to.

    PAX: It changes your life yo.
    And people were saying that about Warhammer up until a week after launch or so.

    What you saw at PAX was specifically engineer to garner your reaction. After the trail of failures that have come in WoW's wake, we really need to curb our enthusiasm.

    Are you comparing it to Warhammer? I mean, I get the overall point, but c'mon, dude. Couldn't you use something like DAoC or Age of Conan instead? Warhammer was always gonna bomb. EA only pumped so much money into it because they wanted a WoWkiller.

    Still, good point. Don't get lost in the hype, folks, there's still a chance it could be bad.

    At least until the beta/release date. Then go fucking nuts because it's gonna kick ASS

    Cept for the OP, maybe. It's not quite an opposite to everything you asked for, since it doesn't seem like death will be anywhere near as bad as in the original Guild Wars. Which I'd recommend, only it's technically not an MMO. You practically described Ultima Online, so go for that. Or the Pencil & Paper approach other folks are talking about, because it beats any MMO experience when you've got a good group.

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    AvynteAvynte Registered User regular
    If you have a solid group of internet friends, http://www.vassalengine.org/ is pretty awesome for table top games / roleplaying.

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    RoeRoe Always to the East Registered User regular
    ACSIS wrote:
    Try Earth and Beyond. It was shut down in 2004 but has been reverse engineered and is free to play. If you don't like it move on: you lost nothing.

    Try playing UT2004's onslught mode, I think its better.

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    King_TerminalKing_Terminal Registered User regular
    I'm looking into the swg emu, do you guys think after the servers shut down they'll be philanthropists and release the source code to the emulator groups? Because I think that would put a good kick in the pants to the groups. Also what is currently the best swg-emu, I checked out galaxies reborn, but its main page hasn't been updated since 2008.

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