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Buying an HD Television

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I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to buying HD-TVs, but I need one for my new residence. I've got an Xbox and an HD-TV tuner, so it's about that time...

Anyway, I was wondering what were good brands, what statistics do I need to look at, what qualities I should be looking for, average pricing etc. I'm aiming for something in the 40-inch range. Thanks in advance!

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    The tech forum can help you out.
    TV Thread

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    Make sure you read the first couple of posts, very useful information

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    My current favorite is Sony Bravia. Those things are pretty dece for the price you pay and work amazingly. Personally I prefer LED/LCD by quite a margin. (THat's LED backlit LCD TVs) Make sure you get something with at least 120hz (refresh rate) as 60 won't quite hold up to some of the faster paced games. 1080p at least obv, but as an LED it should have that anyways. Contrast ratio is also a huge one, if I'm not mistaken most of the LED Bravias they put out now have infinite contrast ratio (not actually infinite, as determined by playback device)

    Second rank for me is Samsung, then LG (which gets amazing quality on games [max resolution AoC on it sooo pretty] but doesn't last as long as Sony or Samsung)

    Also get a sound system, as most companies, for the sake of aesthetics, put the speakers on the back. Problem with that is they project into the wall... yeah...

    tldr: 1080p+, highest contrast possible (no 600:1, anything upwards of I think 80,000:1 is crystal clear, so aim for somewhere around that (little lower is ok but not much).), 120hz+, preferred Sony or Samsung.

    PS. Best thing to do is go to Best Buy and check out their demo TVs, you can usually tell pretty quick which ones are gonna be the best aesthetically.

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