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No, You Cannot Have An Anime Thread (updated: Jan 7 2014)

ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
edited January 2014 in Debate and/or Discourse
There have been a lot of questions posed as to whether or not D&D can host an anime thread. To save dedicated anime fans some of their precious time, I have created this simple means of determining if the mods and administrative staff here might consider allowing the anime thread's return:

If this post is still stickied at the top of the forum, there is a zero percent chance of the thread coming back.

If ever we are willing to reconsider, this post will be removed. If the post is still here, and you ask us, we will probably not respond. If we do, the response will be a link to this post. There is no magic set of conditions you can suggest, no quid pro quos you can offer that will compel us to reconsider. Please do not waste our time and yours by crafting a 2000 word plea to our better sensibilities, because we don't have any.

Thank you!

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  • Irond WillIrond Will WARNING: NO HURTFUL COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!!! Cambridge. MAModerator mod
    UPDATE: Dec 31, 2011

    No, you still cannot have an anime thread

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  • Irond WillIrond Will WARNING: NO HURTFUL COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!!! Cambridge. MAModerator mod
    Upon review, as of Jan 27 2013, anime appears to still be about the same as last year

    anime thread status: still disallowed

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    what a place to get kidnapped

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  • Irond WillIrond Will WARNING: NO HURTFUL COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!!! Cambridge. MAModerator mod
    after consideration, we are making the following change to the anime thread policy:

    1) no general anime thread in D&D

    2) no new specific topic anime threads either

    Basically what this means is that if you want to discuss anime - either the general topic or your specific favorite anime - you should really look for another forum or subforum to do this. I'm positive they're out there and they're better-suited for the kind of environment you're looking for than D&D will ever be.

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