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State ordinance regarding pools and barriers

MetroidZoidMetroidZoid Registered User regular
edited June 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Because my mind can't completely wrap around legal-ese, this is saying that for an 18' by 48" above ground, soft-side metal framed pool, that I still need to make sure there's a barrier, right?

The part about 'not adopted by the State of Oregon' throws me off, but I think that only refers to Oregon not having standards for the actual construction of the pool, which would only concern the manufacturer. And yes, regardless me and the wife will, for common sense purposes, put in a gate. There's only one 5' section of the yard that's not within a fence, and that's between the porch and the garage. I'm just worried that our paranoid wishes-she-was-a-HoA neighbor is going to try and get on our case for this.

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  • emp123emp123 Registered User regular
    edited June 2011
    I believe just AG103.2 is not adopted by the state of Oregon, but IANAL and IANALIO.

    emp123 on
  • ATIRageATIRage Registered User regular
    edited June 2011
    Ianal yet,almost, but I would follow the 105 requirements, ie you need a four foot high fence(above grade) that ha a max of four inch space between each fence slat and the rest of what those regulations say.

    Despite the ambiguous language about, oregon onto adopting this part, whatever that means, ag105 tells you it applies to all swimming pools and the definition for swimming pool includes above ground pools. Build o fence according to that and you should be fine. If you are unsure, call you county, state, or city zoning authority and get them to confirm your read of the law.

    ATIRage on
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