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Network storage server

kleinfehnkleinfehn Registered User
Hello, I need someone to educate me about network storage servers. Essentially what we are looking at is having a server where we have spinning hard drives and using LTO-5 tapes to archive stuff to and from the server, about once per year. Does anyone have any experience with this? We are currently looking into a Cache-A LTO Archive System. Any suggestions when it comes to this?

EDIT: We are also using CatDV Asset Management System.

Essentially we are storing stuff on LTO-5 tapes for archives and using a 16 terabyte server. We want to have it so 5 people can be working on files on the server.

Our videos will first go onto the spinning disk server, and after we are done we want to offload them onto the LTO-5 tapes. We want integration with the software and be able to do a search and find the video.

Am just looking for more info with this or any suggestions or knowledge anyone has working LTO-5 tapes and network servers.

kleinfehn on
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