[Skyrim]: Its actually Oblivion 2, in fact, its probably just Fallout with swords.



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    troublebrewingtroublebrewing Registered User regular
    Archonex wrote:
    I'm still watching this lets play, and I have to say, I like how even the NPC's seem to not be able to stand this guy. He just pissed off a village so badly, that he was just chased out of the village by two women wielding carving knives, and one beardy looking Nord who called him a coward and "not a True Nord" for running away from a bunch of unarmored angry women.

    Meanwhile, he will not shut up with the frat boy commentary and gawking verbally at every tiny little item like it's the second coming of Richard Garriot.

    Truly, this shall be the most epic LP ever. I can see why some people think it's unintentionally funny.

    I like it when he's all BOOM! every time he hits someone.

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