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The New & Shiny Pet Thread! (NSF56K)



  • ScudoScudo Registered User regular
    that's the weird thing, he went to the vet last week for a routine checkup and got a clean bill of health. and he plays just fine in the backyard, he wears me out running around back there. it seems to be something very specific re: walking. the more I think about it, the more I wonder if he had a bad experience with a neighbor dog or the geese from the nearby pond that sometimes walk around the neighborhood.

  • JansonJanson Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    Aah, Amy has such beautiful big eyes, @VulnoX

    So I guess my parents have acquired a third cat!

    The first cat is Millie, who they adopted when she was twelve years old.

    The second cat is Crystal, who is absurdly shy, but has taken a liking to my dad. She's my brother's fiancee's cat, but she and my brother are getting married this weekend and then they're off on a year-long honeymoon, so my parents are keeping Crystal for a year. Crystal was abandoned by a family when they moved house. She'd been locked up in the empty house for two weeks before the estate agents found her. It's taken my brother and his fiancee years to get her to trust humans again.

    The third cat's name I haven't discovered yet, but my dad just told me it'd been left to him in a client's will (he's a vet)! So... I guess he has a legal responsibility to look after it now!

    Janson on
  • skettiosskettios Registered User regular
    Was the vet visit before or after the issue cropped up, @Scudo?
    Did you describe it to the vet? They might be able to give insight or look further into something that caught their eye but brushed off as normal due to no accompanying symptoms.

    I adore Drew, @VulnoX
    More pics of him please!

  • Houk the NamebringerHouk the Namebringer Nipples The EchidnaRegistered User regular
    Dang, just straight-up leaving your cat in the empty house when you leave. That is some stone-cold shit

  • WAHWAH Registered User regular
    Just chilling with my dog.

    STEAM | GW2: hamdoughnuts.7359
  • StaleghotiStaleghoti Registered User
    omg and his name is doobie

    you sir are a winner

    tmmysta-sig.png2wT1Q.gifYAH!YAH!STEAMYoutubeMixesPSN: Clintown
    Dear satan I wish for this or maybe some of this....oh and I'm a medium or a large.
  • CosCos Registered User regular
    Sawyer was not terribly coordinated at the park tonight. He was too focused on how much he wanted to run that he forgot to watch where he was going. Dogs, people, he was running into everything, and he managed to bust open a little cut next to his eye. Poor boy.

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