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"What is Knight Online?" you may ask yourself. Wikipedia's not-so-great explanation:
Knight Online is a MMORPG developed by MGame Corporation and Noah System. Currently there are many different companies that host this game by geographic region. Some are Free to Play while others are Pay to Play. Two major updates have been released for the Knight Online. In September 2005, a major update known as Knight Empire was released that changed a few maps, added new item upgrading systems, and introduced the King system into the game. On or about August 3, 2006 a new expansion called The Reign of the Fire Drake was released. The update added several new maps, quests, monsters, and bosses; changed the user interface, introduced the Post-Office system and Chaotic Generator, and increased the maximum level cap from 70 to 80.

Knight Online is a pretty generic MMORPG that takes inspiration from both World of Warcraft and Lineage II. Although it doesn't provide anything new, it is pretty fun. You can choose from two nations; the El Morad (humans) and the Karus (orcs). They are, aside from cosmetic differences, very similar. You can choose from four different classes, Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Priest, with further specializations for each class at level 10 (for example, Rogues can become Archers or Assassins).

Everybody starts in Moradin, a neutral city shared by both nations that is free of PvP. Because of this, it is one of (if not the) largest trade hubs in the game. Around level 18 or 20 you can leave Moradin and move to your respective home, and from there you can fight the opposition freely. The game is largely quest-based, with a few levels where you must grind (but you can gain as much as 10% exp per mob if you fight the right ones). For the most part, it's "kill X monsters" or "collect X items from X monsters," but the quests are short and the NPCs will even tell you where to go - a welcome addition.

Leveling is fast and easy, I took my Karus Rogue/Archer to level 18 in about an hour. Your annoying little helper will tell you what NPCs have quests for you, but for the most part he's just useless and interrupts you when you're fighting.


An example of PvP

Linked for H-scroll rapeage:

A Karus Warrior

Moradin, the central trade hub

We are playing as Karus on the Ares server, and do not have a guild as of right now.


Zombiemambo - Sykobahef, 18 Rogue/Archer

I'll post a short guide tomorrow if I have the time.

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    I used to play this, it was pretty fun. If you guys are planning on really getting into it I may join in. Just to clarify, this is that one with "Goblin Armor" where you collect 5 pieces and pay X gold to have it turned into useable stuff, right?

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    yeah sure, I'll bite.

    See you fags tonight... I had a level 42 el mordad rouge 3 or some odd years ago

    Also; why not add a download link?


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    here is the link I promised

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    I played Knight Online WAY back in the day... I'd be in if you got a few more people.

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    I own face.
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    The game interface is horrible now... It will take a lot of getting used to

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    I have like a 25 priest on pathos
    named Flanky

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    Anyone else not getting their account verification e-mail?

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