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Debate and/or Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Make a Let's Play? Felony. AMV? Felony. Post a Cutsce

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One the subject of making the posting of copyrighted material a federal offense.
Post: Make a Let's Play? Felony. AMV? Felony. Post a Cutscene? Felony.
Forum: Debate and/or Discourse
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Posted by: Rent
Original Content:
I wish I could tell you that Slowbeef fought the good fight, and the AMVers let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but anime prison is no fairy-tale world. He never said who did it, but we all knew. Things went on like that for awhile - prison life consists of watching subs, and then watching more subs. Every so often, Slowbeef would show up with fresh pocky stains. The AMVers kept at him - sometimes he was able to fight 'em off, sometimes not. And that's how it went for Slowbeef- that was his routine. I do believe those first two years were the worst for him, and I also believe that if things had gone on that way, this place would have made him fall in love with Nickelback songs and handcams.

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    I am afraid I may have beaten you to the punch by reporting it in a different way. Sorry about that.

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