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Art for my forthcoming XBLIG title

AlejandroDaJAlejandroDaJ Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hi guys. I've been in G&T for awhile, but this is my first post in the Artist's Corner.

I've been working on an Xbox Live Indie Game for awhile that's called "Cute Things Dying Violently." It's yet another physics/coordination/platformer game (sadface), except that apparently I've done a good job with it and my testers are really digging it (yayface). However, I've been in a mad rush to replace all the placeholder art in the game before voting ends on a contest I entered it in. A week ago, this is what the game looked like:

You can see that, by the time the video was made, I'd redid some background and tile art, but not the art for the Critters or the ingame objects, which was still placeholder-quality. Since then, I've swapped out most of the ingame objects and have been in the process of redrawing and reanimating my Critters. My first draft looked like this:


But I looked at it and thought, "Damn, I accidentally recreated Super Meat Boy." So I removed the clefts from the eyes and did a few more facial expressions, and this is what I got:


Now, I'm pretty happy with that. The aesthetic is simple and it matches the rest of my ingame item art. And about 3/4 of the people I've talked to (fellow indie developers), have liked it, especially in comparison to the placeholder Critters in the video. But the other 1/4 of developers have taken to sternly notifying me that the art isn't up to snuff, and that I have such a great game and that I'm really jeopardizing its success by using inferior artwork of my titular Cute Things.

So I'm looking for advice. Ideally, I'd like to hear that these Critters will do just fine! But since that may not be the case, if anyone could suggest what is potentially off-putting about the images or how they could be reasonably improved, I'm all ears. Thanks!

AlejandroDaJ on
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