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Awesome: '[Phone Hacking In The UK] - An Old Fashioned English Fox Hunt' by darleysam

darleysamdarleysam UKRegistered User regular
Yesterday was hilarious
"Hey Murdochs, we'd like to see you for an urgent chat this week regarding the widespread illegal activities of your media empire"

"Yeah sorry boss, can't do that this week, but if you speak to my secretary we can probably hook you up with a chat over pancakes some time next month? My dad says he can probably give you a slot sometime soon if you <i>have</i> to.

"Right, well we kind of have these things called laws. I understand you're not that familiar with them but, hey, we thought that just called for an active demonstration of how they work! Be in my office on Tuesday."

"...You know what just cleared up? My schedule!"
BobCesca wrote:
Well, Brooks has resigned.
As chief executive of the company, I feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt and I want to reiterate how sorry I am for what we now know to have taken place.

I have believed that the right and responsible action has been to lead us through the heat of the crisis. However my desire to remain on the bridge has made me a focal point of the debate.

This is now detracting attention from all our honest endeavours to fix the problems of the past.

Therefore I have given Rupert and James Murdoch my resignation. While it has been a subject of discussion, this time my resignation has been accepted.

Rupert's wisdom, kindness and incisive advice has guided me throughout my career and James is an inspirational leader who has shown me great loyalty and friendship.
I would like to thank them both for their support.

It's like, every day I wake up expecting this all to have blown over, and every day something more awesome happens.



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