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Awesome: 'so you think you can DANCE WITH DRAGONS(NO TV, OPEN SPOILERS ON BOOK...' by YaYa

YaYaYaYa Rick and Morty forever and ever 100 years!a100timesRickandMorty.comRegistered User regular
Neep juice ran down his chin, past the stale bread hollowed out to be used as a trencher and filled with roasted capon to spatter all over the rushes that smelled of nightsoil.

"Words are wind," YaYa said.
"You know nothing, YaYa." said the Neep.


  • ChanusChanus Registered User regular
    Pretty good. Needs more descriptions of dudes banging prostitutes.

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  • EndEnd Registered User regular
    just so

    This is the island, the island by the edge, the end of the world, the end of our pledge
  • SnicketysnickSnicketysnick Saving the Earth, one autopsy at a time.Registered User regular
    It is known

    D3 Steam #TeamTangent STO
  • AlegisAlegis Impeckable Registered User regular
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    Are you a craven turncloak, Ser? Or a true knight of your kin?

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  • SloSlo Registered User regular

  • Salvation122Salvation122 Registered User regular
    Slo wrote:

  • belligerentbelligerent Registered User regular
    "I must remember my name," he said as he flexed the fingers of his sword hand.

  • EddyEddy I wish you could swim Like Gengars can swimRegistered User regular
    It is known

    It is known

    The Gengar often leads one to believe it is all fun and games, when something essential is taking place, something of extreme seriousness: the tracking down of all varieties of fascism, from the enormous ones that surround and crush us to the petty ones that constitute the tyrannical bitterness of our everyday lives.
  • Red RaevynRed Raevyn Ooga booga booga Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    Milk of the poppy will ease the sting of these words.

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