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Reason - so much for my music degree

SnorkSnork wordJamaica Plain, MARegistered User regular
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So I just got Propellerhead's Reason 5 since my old MIDI orchestrator doesn't work on my shiny new 64 bit operating system (bummer). I'm excited to move onto something much more powerful, except I can't seem to make more than one channel give any sound output- i'm just fucking around right now trying to get used to the interface and I have two instruments set up- only one of them makes any sound. As far as I can tell there are NO differences in the settings of the MIDI device that does work vs the one that doesn't. I can drag the note lane from the dead channel into the one that works and it plays fine- just not with the patch I want (obviously). When I do playback and solo the dead channel, it'll occasionally show changes in the output meter as if sound were happening, but it isn't. Sometimes the levels stay completely dead. What the fuck is going on? I wish I could explain myself better but I only just started using this thing like ten minutes ago

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  • SnorkSnork word Jamaica Plain, MARegistered User regular
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    figured it out. fuck how do i delete threads

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    You don't. I'll just close this up for you.

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