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Help a Battle Buddy! [Swag]

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So boo-hoo for me, I am in the Military. OK go it, but the major downside is that I've never been in the U.S. during a Pax or I've been unable to attend do to getting READY to leave, lol. As it is, I am missing this year as well, in fact, I won't be able to make PAX until 2012, assuming everything falls in place.

So my question: What does a Soldier have to do to get someone to hook me up with a swag bag? I can't go but I collect, and half the fun of conventions is the swag for me. Obviously i'm more than willing to pay for shipping, etc. So maybe someone would be willing to grab an extra bit of everything they can and mail it off?

Just a thought, I don't know how welcome the idea would be here, but it can't hurt to ask. :)

Much love and hope to catch you guys in 2012. :D

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