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[Nation Builder] Build an Empire and Conquer the World!

TheNomadicCircleTheNomadicCircle Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
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Welcome to the first run game here on Penny Arcade!

So you maybe asking yourself, what is Nation builder? Its a simple strategy game where you choose any location on Earth and build an empire. To start out you have to fill out 5 fields:

Name of Nation:
Government Type:


Do help develop your nation you use 5d10. So example on my turn I want to:

1-2: Search for Mineral
3: Train an Army
4: Train a Navy
5: Build a Pyramid

and then I roll my dices:

I roll 5d10: 24 [5d10=6, 5, 4, 7, 2] (

So that means I get to train my navy since its the highest roll. A 1 always means a failure and a 10 means it always goes through.

Other Rules
Magic and mad science might work, feel free to try, but have in mind, that researching nuclear weapons in Medieval Era isn’t going to bring quick results. As always, roleplaying and elaborating gives bonuses. Diplomacy among players doesn’t require actions, but trade does.

1. You can roll for pre-planned defence, before an attack happens. This defence stays in that area each turn growing by +3 up to 10. If you decide to move your armies or focus defence on another part of your country, earlier defence rolls disappear.
2. If you were attacked by surprise, you can redirect ant number of rolls for defence. for example:
Nation X rolled 2,8,6,10,4 for it's civilian projects, but then(or before) was attacked by Nation Y.
Then Nation X can declare "I redirect 3 rolls for defence". It means, that first 3 rolls will be taken as a defensive value(2,8,6).
You cannot choose to take just 8,6,10, rolls will be taken from left to right in order they were rolled. You can just declare how many of them you redirect.
3. Counter moves, like "I attack his lands that are now empty of troops." Is also accepted, but the rolls also have to be redirected, not rolled.
4. Allies cannot redirect their rolls to help their allies, unless they specifically stated, that they keep their military in the defenders lands. Just as IRL, if a nation is attacked, help comes later, during the normal turn.

Rules for attacking is based on how many armies you recruited, their tech vs the defenders tech and other such dealies which requires you to role play a whole lot. Otherwise it'll be like club men attack riflemen.

You can also order secret missions provided you PM me as GM and let me know about it. Rolls will also affect this as well.

Here is the world map:

For this first game I will participate too. So we need minium of 5 people max can be 27 (as many colours in paint).

Lets get the game started!

TheNomadicCircle on


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    Captain MarcusCaptain Marcus now arrives the hour of actionRegistered User regular
    The whats? I'd like to play, but what are the rules?
    Like what minerals can we look for, how do we use armies, does religion have anything to do with it, what technologies can we research, etc.

    Is this a board game? Is there a site we can look at?

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    summerycleptsummeryclept Registered User regular
    I agree this looks pretty neat, but your post is a little unclear to me how things are supposed to work.

    What do pyramids do if I build them?
    What are the different minerals and what do they do?
    You mention trade, how does that work?
    How do we attack each other? I see defense, but nothing for offense.
    Can we just attack anywhere from anywhere, or is there some sort of movement rule?
    What exactly do magic and mad science do?
    Does the type of government we pick have any impact on the game?
    Is there a turn order or anything?
    If you're playing, PMing you secret missions wouldn't really be fair, would it? What if they were against you?

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    summerycleptsummeryclept Registered User regular
    Never even heard of it before.

    Although I see what you're getting at, I think: we just let the dice roll determine what fluff we write?

    About the trade, though - if we can search for whatever mineral we want, what's the point in trading for it? Why not just say we search for it?

    Last: I wasn't accusing you of cheating, no offense intended, but the idea is still that: it can't really be a secret mission against you if you know what it is. We might as well just say them all out in the open. And making sure the participants are on-line for combat and have to stay on for the duration of it sounds really limiting. Some people might like to play, but might not be able to hang around at a certain time.

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