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Possible Hyphema related problem years later

initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
When I was younger I was hit in the eye playing baseball and ended up witch hyphema. Essentially my eye was bleeding.

I just sort of put two and two together today and called up my mom to ask her if she remembered which eye I had been hit in. It turned out it was the same eye that I was having problems with. I have this spot on the eye going from the inside edge of my left cornea down towards the inside bottom of my eye past the lid where it's always bloodshot. Usually it's very faint but if I've been up late working at my computer, or wear my contacts too long, or just some mornings right when I wake up it will be noticeably darker.

It's not something that ever bothers me. The only time I really notice it is when I've been wearing my contacts too long and it'll just feel dry and itchy. But I am wondering if it could be connected to the problem I had when I was a kid. I don't know if it's something worth mentioning the next time I see a doctor or not.

Googling the condition doesn't seem to mention any persistent effects from it but that's not really a foolproof way of finding anything out about it.

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  • SmasherSmasher Starting to get dizzy Registered User regular
    Standard IANAD, but if it was that long ago and it doesn't bother you then I wouldn't panic about it. Go ahead and mention it next time you see a doctor; a doctor getting annoyed at you for mentioning a potential problem with your eye would be a big red flag about the doctor, so don't fret about wasting his time or anything.

  • initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
    Yeah that makes sense. Not that I was expecting advice from a doctor in this thread. I think I was just more shocked from that moment where I put two and two together and the "crap, that could be bad" when my girlfriend mentioned my eye looking really bloodshot this morning reaction I had. When I was on the phone with my mom she even said "yeah I've noticed that before," like why don't people tell me these things.

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