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Total Pages: 12/12 In color: 4/12
Read it here: http://wondercraft-quest.net/chapter-0/

Total Pages: 11/24 In color: 0/24
Read it here: http://wondercraft-quest.net/chapter-i/


+ I just moved into a new hoster (because of traffic) and the site it's in constant updates.
+ UPDATE: Added Guest Artist Section (24/7/2011)
+ UPDATE: Added Wallpaper Section (24/7/2011)


What is it WonderCraft?
WonderCraft is a webcomic inspired in the game Minecraft.

Where I can read it?
That one it’s easy: www.wondercraft-quest.net (In august will be back at normal www.wondercraft.net)

Who make those drawings?
Myself. You can call me SamCube.

Are you related to Mojang or Notch?
Nope. I’m doing this for fun. I show it to them, just in case I violated any copyright law, but everything seem ok (at the moment).

What’s the story of Volume 1?
I think you will need to find out. Basically will take the hero to the first weeks in this new world called Wondercraft. As a player you might recognize yourself in your first hours of play.

How many pages will have every chapter? And Volume 1?
Chapter 0 will have about 15. A normal chapter will have around 24 pages. I’m not sure how many chapters will have yet the Volume 1. But I can say something like 3 or 4.

In what way did you get inspired by Minecraft?
First the music, the eyrie tunes put myself into trance (C418 it’s an amazing composer). The solitude and the infinite world with his survival condition make it a perfect background for a story.
Also, in the visual way. I love retro style games, they are my favorites.

So we will see recipes, block construction and everything else?
Yes, sure. I’ll use new recipes, and new characters as the story grow up. But I’ll try not to break any rule of Minecraft world. I think about Wondercraft as a modified server to play for fun.

Is this comic for free?
Yes! Yes! But at some point I will need to depend on donations so I can invest time on it!
I just started selling ORIGINAL PAGES (http://wondercraft-quest.net/original-art-for-sale/) and I'll add prints and T-Shirts very soon.
Also, there is a chance that it can became an iPad app. We will see!

Why the pages are black and white!? I want all of them in COLOR!!
I know, I know. But I focusing (the little time I have at the moment) to advance the story as fast as I can, so I leave the color to the end of the chapter.

We got more questions!
Ok, you can post them here or send me a private.


All Wondercraft Artwork © by SamCube
Minecraft Game and Logo © Mojang AB.
Thanks to Andre Jolicoeur to let me use his incredible texturepack: Jolicraft in different purposes.

You can follow me at twitter if you want for gossips and updates:

I'll be posting from now on the upcoming pages in this thread.
Feel free to add any comment/suggestion or critic. Try to be constructive, I'll appreciate that! Thanks!



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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    edited July 2011
    Oh Hey, I've seen this. Your comic is pretty cool! Despite how quality your comic is, this sorta violates our site-whoring rules. We are a community for critique and such rather than a dumping ground. If you'd like to post some stuff and get feedback, totally post a few pages/some stuff you'd like feedback on and people will try to help out.

    I hope you stick around and become part of the community!

    Iruka on
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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    Thanks for your advice! Yes I'm planning to make this post an "official" source to post new pages, so people can view the progress of my work.
    Thanks a lot for your welcome. I hope to, to stick for awhile here.

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    maa703maa703 Registered User regular
    daang that zombie got wrecked! cool sequential stuff dude, very dynamic.

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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    Thanks maa703! I try to get inspired by manga action narrative.

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    acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    This is slick as hell. Out of curiosity, who designed your website? What content management system are you using on your website? The reader looks great, as does the blog. The website is impressive, not to mention the comic itself. Your english could use a little work, as there are a few small errors in some of the early pages, but the story is clear and interesting. The art is also solid, but there are a few quality fluctuations, where it looks like you've rushed a page, or it's poorly compressed or something. I look forward to seeing more!

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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    Thanks for you comments acadia. They are very welcome. I'll try to reply all your questions.
    The site is builded using Wordpress, and the reader and all general look of the site it's because a wordpress theme called KingSize. Check it out it's pretty cool. I need to modify a few things so the reader worked in that size but just a few css lines.
    About my english, yeah! I'm so sorry about that. I'm spanish, and I made lot of mistakes. I learn english reading comics, basically :)
    Anyway pages are not final until the color comes. Some guys send me corrections, I appreciate that so much.

    Hope you like how this whole thing evolve. It's a long story and it's just started.

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    The_Glad_HatterThe_Glad_Hatter One Sly Fox Underneath a Groovy HatRegistered User regular
    Hey Sam, The forum generally prefers it when people post all of their (awesome) stuff in a single thread, so one thread offers a nice overview of all the stuff someone's down.

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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    Ah! Ok! I will then post it in my main WonderCraft post!
    Thanks for the advices, I'm pretty new in the Penny World

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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    New mob for Minecraft! I'm excited!

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    edited July 2011

    A little graphic I did for my little Print shop on my site.

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    Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Trans* Woman In Aviators Firing A Bazooka. ⚛️Registered User regular
    Excelente, me gusta mucho esto. :)

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    MabelmaMabelma Registered User regular
    This is some truly nice work. I love your style, it's seriously nice. Cute and cartoony yet with so emotion. I love it, you are going into my reader sir, this is an amazing webcomic I need to read from start to finish.

    The Printshop banner is really nice, I love how you used the actual posters for the little stand. Keep up the amazing work I can't wait to see more of it.

    Have some time, check out my blog
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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    Thanks a lot to both of you! Very appreciated.
    I renew also the Original page shop banner. Here it is:

    Thanks again for your comments!

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    samcubesamcube Registered User regular
    A video on a T-Shirt Design for Daniel Kaplan at Mojang.


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    I'm planning an auction starting from monday. Half of benefits will go to charity, you are invited to be part of it!
    Visit here http://wondercraft-quest.net/2011/08/05/wondercraft-for-charity-i/ for more info! And if you feel like it, please share! Thanks for caring!


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