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Help the brainless - Ipod / Itunes edition

InAmberCladInAmberClad Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
My google fu is well and truly failing me this week, I really can't find a straight answer for this question, and I've been searching for 2 solid days now. I'm pretty savvy about most things IT related, but one piece of software I have never played with is Itunes. Until now. I just ordered myself an Ipod touch, and am installing the relevant software ready for it's arrival. However, I have one question that I just can't suss. It is as follows :

Obviously I'll be synching my player with the music library on my pc. Great. However, I have a bandwidth cap of 10gb a month at home, so downloading apps will absolutely demolish that. I've got a selection of games I'd like to download from the Itunes store that add up to about 5gb straight off the bat, so it's not looking good. My mom's house doesn't have a bandwidth cap, so I always take my Xbox/Ps3 or whatever over there to download updates and demos and such, but never have a problem because they bring their own library so to speak. My worry is this... Will I be able to download apps and stuff on her pc at her house, and synch them to my ipod there, without messing up my library/synching at home? Are you even allowed to have the player "tethered" (or whatever) to two machines?

Basically.. I want to make sure I have all my apps and music/movies etc stored here at home, but I need to be able to do the actual downloading on another pc in another house... will this be an issue?

It's all gibberish to me because my previous players weren't apple, so they just plugged into any pc and acted as a removable drive.

Thanks for any insight you guys may have!

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  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    In iTunes, you can have up to 5 PCs associated with a device. If you purchase something on one of them, you can sync those purchases with another PC the next time you connect.

  • InAmberCladInAmberClad Registered User regular
    That is exactly what I wanted to hear. I thought it ought to be the case, but you never know these days with the DRM craziness. Thanks for the speedy reply, record time!

  • ElmoFuntzElmoFuntz Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Actually you cannot sync apps from 2 separate computers. I know I have tried from work and home and it will tell you that it will delete any apps on the device if you want to sync from another PC. Music is fine though. You can however take your touch over there and use their wireless (if they have it) to download everything directly to it bypassing the computer problem and then sync from your touch to your computer at home.

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