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A safe haven..

CameltoeCameltoe Registered User
edited July 2011 in Debate and/or Discourse

I'm a girl-geek from Norway. As most know we've had one hell of a weekend and are all suffering in our own ways.

I've been on a minimum of sleep. Closing my eyes causes me to see the pictures again and again in my mind
of young adults that have been mowed down by this ruthless killer. It has been nearly impossible to find reprieve
from this, and the mind starts going in circles. Ending up all frazzled and wrought with distress.

Of course, being a geek I find that I seclude myself and don't find comfort in the masses like most do. The
masses taught me early that comfort was not to be found there. So I was sat thinking about what might
actually give me 5 - 10 minutes of calm, and if there was anything out there that could put a smile on my face.

This is actually a thank you note.

I sat there and remembered that I hadn't caught the resent episodes of Penny Arcade.
I smiled, I laughed and I feel better.

Thank you all for being the unique and special people that you are.
A great comfort to a recluse in a time when comfort was hard to find.

Me x

Cameltoe on


  • SatanIsMyMotorSatanIsMyMotor Registered User regular
    FYI - Gabe actually read this and posted about it on his Twitter. In case you were wondering. They don't usually frequent the forums.

  • ZzuluZzulu Registered User regular
    They totally do, they just say they don't to avoid posters cluttering up the forums with pleads to the creators. I'm on to them!

  • GoodOmensGoodOmens Registered User regular
    Regardless of whether the guys read this, lots of other people will, from all over the world. And please know, for whatever it helps, that we are grieving with you. We are hurting with Norway today. Once again we are witnesses to history of the very worst kind.

    I wish you peace and hope that you'll find relief. Please, please don't hesitate to seek whatever help you need. 10 years ago I suffered depression, anxiety and night terrors as a result of 9/11 footage. I wrestled with guilt for feeling that way; I didn't know anybody at the Towers, I wasn't hurt in any way. I was just a young man living in Massachuetts. But it was a wound on the entire society. The violence in Norway was as well.

    Good luck. Be safe. Keep breathing. Find and give comfort where you can.

    IOS Game Center ID: Isotope-X
  • CameltoeCameltoe Registered User
    Thanks for all the support guys. I had a private message from a gent on here that advised me he'd emailed my post on.
    And I truly appreciate that. I just wanted to let the people of PA know just how special they are, and that what might seem
    trivial to them is a great help to me (and others I have no doubt).

  • RMS OceanicRMS Oceanic Registered User regular
    I'm glad this place's collective musings have been able to give you solace in this hard time. <3

  • gluecifergluecifer Registered User
    If you haven't already looked at it, I highly recommend the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Flicks account,, with pictures from embassies all over the world. It made my weekend a bit easier, knowing that many people all over the world took the time to express their sympathies.

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