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Netflix freezing after upgrading to windows 7

Spectral SwallowSpectral Swallow Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
So I've had XP on my ancient computer for years, but I recently upgraded my computer and it came with windows 7. Now about 2 hours ago I was watching netflix with no problems but after swapping out the computers and making sure I have firefox and silverlight, for some reason now it will just randomly freeze (the loading bar pops up but never loads). I have absolutely no experience with 7 so I'm not sure if there is some super simple fix or what, but when a 12 year old computer, running a 10 year old operating system can run netflix better than my brand new one, I'm pretty disappointed.

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  • skeldareskeldare Gresham, ORRegistered User regular
    How does it work in Internet Explorer? Could be more of an issue with Firefox than anything. Though I personally have Windows 7 and use Firefox 5 and have never had any problems with Netflix.

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  • MushroomStickMushroomStick Registered User regular
    Just to get it out of the way, have you run windows update on the new computer yet?

  • Spectral SwallowSpectral Swallow Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    I haven't run a windows update yet. I guess I should give that shot.

    But yeah, I have the same issue with both Chrome and Firefox.

    EDIT: Installed the updates and having the same issue.
    There doesn't seem to even be any rhyme or reason, sometimes it happens when I'm not switching windows, sometimes when I'm installing stuff. I guess that narrows it down to silverlight or something with Windows 7.

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  • SiskaSiska Shorty Registered User regular
    Or it could not be windows 7 and instead have something to do with your new hardware. Have you downloaded the latest updates for those yet?

  • finalflight89finalflight89 Registered User regular
    When you say the loading bar pops up, you mean it starts buffering but never seems to respond? If that's the case, then you might have a network issue. Try looking for network card driver updates for your computer. Are you running wired or wireless?

  • finalflight89finalflight89 Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    edit: double post when posting from mobile site

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  • ChanusChanus Harbinger of the Spicy Rooster Apocalypse The Flames of a Thousand Collapsed StarsRegistered User regular
    Might check Silverlight, make sure it's up-to-date, or try reinstalling if it is.

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  • Spectral SwallowSpectral Swallow Registered User regular
    Well I tried all the suggestions thus far and no luck. Fortunately Wal-mart has an awesome return policy. I swapped it out an now I ain't having any problems. I guess it was the hardware. Problem Solved.

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