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  • FramlingFramling Registered User regular
    Airking850 wrote:
    Never been a cologne wearer, but I can't think of a good reason why aside from never having bothered.

    Never cared much about my deodorant, either. Starting to feel like a rube here!

    Is there a key to picking scents aside from polling whatever ladies happen to be nearby?

    Find a scent you like. You're going to be around it all the time, and there's some evidence that the scents you find most appealing are the ones that will work best with your natural pheromones (I'm not going to look for a source to back this up, it's just something I read a while ago).

    you're = you are
    your = belonging to you

    their = belonging to them
    there = not here
    they're = they are
  • Dr. FrenchensteinDr. Frenchenstein Registered User regular
    Cologne smells different on different people too.

    I use old spice body wash and deodorant as well, Pure Sport. It smells purty good, and it's usually on sale in some fashion.

  • The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two Crew, Omeganaut Registered User, ClubPA regular
    The only time I sever saw Tom Green do something funny was when he visited Fabio's house.

    Dude's fridge was completely stocked with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

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  • satansfingerssatansfingers Registered User regular
    the original run of these ads got me to try old spice deodorant and i found that it smelled fantastic

    the fiji and matterhorn scents are my favorite

  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited July 2011
    DarkPrimus wrote:
    Druhim wrote:
    The ads are good, but I don't use old spice. I use this fragrance free deodorant that just inhibits the growth of bacteria in my pits so I don't have some obnoxious halo of scent hanging around me but I also don't stink, and Usagi likes how I smell naturally. It's surprisingly effective at keeping odor away even when I sweat pretty heavily.

    What brand is that?

    They last forever too. Like about a year.

    Druhim on
  • MizuumiMizuumi Registered User regular
    @druhim but why do they have two separate versions for men and "the Women and Teens" when they are literally exactly the same except the color of the casing

  • Mr FuzzbuttMr Fuzzbutt Registered User regular
    I wear women's deodorant.

    I figure, ladies wear it because they like the smell, so I should probably smell like that too.

    i'm so alone

  • FrankoFranko Sometimes I really wish I had four feet so I could dance with myself to the drumbeat Registered User regular
    no women get turned on by a man's musk

    thats why I just never shower, I know girls say I smell like shit, but their hormones are definitly getting their pants wet

  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Mizuumi wrote:
    @druhim but why do they have two separate versions for men and "the Women and Teens" when they are literally exactly the same except the color of the casing

    fuck if I care

  • GumpyGumpy There is always a greater powerRegistered User regular
    Not going to lie, this seems to be a bit of a lame duck advertising idea. Just not feeling it.

  • GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    Holy shit Fabio is awful in these

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  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Fabio is supposed to be awful. That's the whole damn point.

  • Mr FuzzbuttMr Fuzzbutt Registered User regular
    Remember the time Fabio got hit in the face by a bird while on a rollercoaster?

  • 2 Marcus 2 Ravens2 Marcus 2 Ravens Registered User regular
    I bought some of this on sale once, and haven't used anything else since.


    The first day I wore it to campus I had probably a dozen compliments on how I smelled. Men and women alike. You just don't say no to things like that.

  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    I use to use axe, but after awhile I stopped liking the scent. I like old spice swagger, but right now I'm using their new ones like fiji and denali. I also use their body wash because it makes me smell pretty

  • Ms DapperMs Dapper Cheers Luv! King's RowRegistered User regular

    The battle comes to an end.

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  • LarlarLarlar consecutive normal brunches Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Now let us never speak of it again.

  • DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
    ok, that was really dumb

  • SaintSaint Registered User regular
    Aaah Fabio looks like Iggy Pop

  • CogliostroCogliostro Marginal Opinions Spring, TXRegistered User regular
    edited July 2011
    The scent that helped win my man is Tim McGraw's cologne... VEERRRYYY sexy. :D

    Also: Fabio is hideous. How was he ever voted most attractive man???

    Cogliostro on
  • Virgil_Leads_YouVirgil_Leads_You Not on Any Podcast or Affliated Don't Even Own a MikeRegistered User regular
    edited July 2011
    seems like he had a handsome head
    And a large well built body

    probably more than anything, he was a confident half naked man in television ads, and on the cover of hundreds of romance novels.

    Virgil_Leads_You on
  • StaleghotiStaleghoti Registered User
    I respect any man who can take a goose to the face on a rollercoaster and walk away

    tmmysta-sig.png2wT1Q.gifYAH!YAH!STEAMYoutubeMixesPSN: Clintown
    Dear satan I wish for this or maybe some of this....oh and I'm a medium or a large.
  • GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    Okay, the balloon bit made me laugh

    3DS: 3007 8087 2767 | Nintendo ID: AngryFrog
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