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Awesome: 'Camwhoring thread' by NeoToma

NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular



  • EddyEddy I wish you could swim Like Gengars can swimRegistered User regular
    Ron Livingston's son photobombing in the back

    The Gengar often leads one to believe it is all fun and games, when something essential is taking place, something of extreme seriousness: the tracking down of all varieties of fascism, from the enormous ones that surround and crush us to the petty ones that constitute the tyrannical bitterness of our everyday lives.
  • agilemaniaagilemania Registered User regular
    Eddy wrote:
    Ron Livingston's son photobombing in the back

    Not to kill the joke, but it's Michael Ausiello of TVLine.

  • W2W2 Registered User regular

    What's McNulty like in person? :)

  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    I'm being compared to The Bunk. I am pretty Okay with this.

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