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Awesome: 'The Illustrated Grouphug-2011' by Lost Salient

Lost SalientLost Salient Know that my last thoughts were of you. And how I’d like to kill you.Registered User regular
I’m so glad I decided to separate myself from you clowns. All of you, straight up COWARDS.

How is it that we decide to all engage in this business venture together, but none of you have the balls to oust the one member who’s completely dysfunctional, narcissistic, and unproductive?

Yet, you would all call me, complaining about HIM. How selfish, lazy, unmotivated, and disrespectful he was. Well, you see, I decided to do something about it—-gracefully bow out of the operation. Best move I could’ve made.

And you would think that if your main workhorse (me) has chosen to leave the operation, the remaining members would do everything in their power to accomodate the workhorse instead of the anchor.

That must be in Utopia only.

Instead, you little bitches decide to place personal relationships over the functionality of the business. Clearly you clowns aren’t businessmen, especially the punk ass, self-ordained CEO.

“Oh you know he’s going to talk shit about us to everyone..”

So f*cking what???!! I have never seen such a weak group of panzy mofos in my entire life. And ever since I decided to fly solo, things have been nothing but uphill, at a much faster rate than anticipated.

Fuck all you clowns. You better not ask me for anything else. You ever cross paths with me in public, you better keep it moving.

” I saw it coming, that’s why I went solo ” —Ice Cube


"Sandra's favourite movie is escape from new York because she cries when magpie and brain die because they will never be together." HAIL SATAN
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