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Can't register Nexon Account

RyeRye Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I've been trying my damndest to register a Nexon account so I can play Dragon Nest. Has anyone else experienced problems with it? I put in my email very carefully and even tried 2 other accounts. It's not getting caught in spam, I'm just NOT getting any verification email. There's nothing on google about their registration being down/slow, so I don't know what the hell is wrong. I also can't contact their support center without an account -_-

Any helpful advice?

Rye on


  • Kup84Kup84 Registered User
    I'm having the same problem. I've tried multiple email accounts, multiple browsers, and I even tried several different locations in case it was an IP or ISP issue. Lame. There is no customer service available unless you can log in and open a ticket, which of course, I cannot. Very frustrating.

  • TockBlueTockBlue Registered User
    edited July 2011
    Right there with ya both, did the same thing (multiple email accounts), but also tried adding the to contacts. Made no difference.

    Even more frustrating is I used to have a Maplestory account, so at one point their emails DID go through, and a password request should go through, but doesn't.

    TockBlue on
  • EWomEWom Registered User regular
    Having the same problem. :\ I just found out about dungeon fighter and thought I'd give it a try.. guess I was wrong.

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