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Midwest girls vs California girls

JetFalconJetFalcon Registered User
edited July 2011 in Singularity Engine++
So I am a guy from So Cal native and I currently live in San Diego for school, originally from OC. And I got a female rooommate from Illinois so a midwestern farm girl. And now that I live with a girl from the midwest, I can really hear the accent from her when I alternate living with her and hanging out with my California girl friends. And I can def now make out the accent of a California girl, which is something I overlooked since I live in CA. So maybe if I go to a different part of USA, I will know when a girl is from CA. She said she moved out because her town was boring, and funny thing is some guy I talked to on the trolley (public transit) said he was from Illinois and moved out to CA because he said Illinois sucked. So a female and male both hate their own state, I don't get why Illinois people hate their hometown so much that they move out to CA. Sounds like the typical Disney kids movie, like Goofy Movie where Max is from middle America and all his friends think he's cool because he is going to see Powerline in LA.

It's so weird, I feel like I'm knowing much more about girl stuff like make up and shit I never really cared about because it was for girls. I even started making salads because it's actually much easier to make and requires no cooking mess. And it's healthier, assuming you use only fat free vinaigrette. I'm starting to learn about make up such as eye liner and what's expensive, what's cheap. How girls really do take forever to get ready and it's not just my mom. What foods are fatty/healthy, etc. And even started being exposed to shit like Teen Mom.

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