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Wow, first new thread in Vanilla.
OKay, this is a script I am running that control when a quest moves forward
There are seven mirelurks that are being tracked
in the atrium

In the farm

The first two if's ran fine and I felt the quest was fine. But I decided to toss in a third scenario where someone went rambo and killed them all him or herself.
In this setup, the quest stage is at 20, and the player kills all 7, then the stage gets set to 170 so the player can get a special rambo quest reward. I know I will have to set up more script if the player kills one group, tries to do other parts of the quest, and then the other, but for now, I want to map out the Rambo scenario.
scn VTFIMQCrabbake
;this is for the mirelurks in the atrium .
Begin ondeath
if (VTFIMirelurk2Ref1.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk2Ref2.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk3Ref1.getdead == 1) && (GetStage

VTFIMainquestLiberation == 100)
setstage VTFIMainquestLiberation 150
VTFIJTMarshREF.AddScriptPackage VTFIMQ150JTMarshdialog
;this is for the mirlurks on the farm
elseif (VTFIMirelurk2Ref3.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk2Ref4.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk3Ref2.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk3Ref3.getdead == 1)

&& (Getstage VTFIMainquestLiberation == 150)

setstage VTFIMainquestLiberation 200
VTFIJTMarshREF.AddScriptPackage VTFIMQ200JTMarshdialog
;this is for if someone went and decided to kill them all themselves.
elseif (VTFIMirelurk2Ref1.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk2Ref2.getdead == 1) &&(VTFIMirelurk2Ref3.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk2Ref4.getdead == 1) &&

(VTFIMirelurk3Ref1.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk3Ref2.getdead == 1) && (VTFIMirelurk3Ref3.getdead == 1) && (GetStage VTFIMainquestLiberation == 20)
setstage VTFIMainquestLiberation 175

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