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Twitter, through the tulips : PAX Prime Tweeting



  • iamconfidenceiamconfidence Registered User
    Alright, I went through and added all the peoples and tags I know. :D My normal alias is Confidence, but on twitter I'm @metasocratic because I foolishly closed my old account.

  • DylaNWGDylaNWG Registered User
    For anyone who has been alarmed at how often I tweet, I apologize for the hailstorm you're about to receive in the next couple days.

    It'll be rad though. I promise.

  • chaosisorderchaosisorder Cupcake Princess and Pinny Whore OregonRegistered User regular
    Updated to here...may not have time to update in the following days though.

  • Childe DirkChilde Dirk Registered User
    A little late to the party but I'll throw this up anyway. My personal account is @childe_dirk, I also run @ConNewsJackals (formerly @WorldConJackals) the twitter account for a group of us that run convention newsletters at various sci-fi/fantasy conventions including the World Science Fiction Convention which just wrapped up in Reno. Since this is a convention, I'll probably be using that one more.

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