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[NYC/NJ] hangout thread: so, what are you doing this weekend?

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So there are kind of a lot of us who like to hang out as a social group here in the Greater New York/6th Boro areas because hey, other people who also post on the Penny Arcade forums are cool. This thread is a more specific way to relay messages than to relay things via chat and hope everyone gets them, so post ideas or info about plans and what have you, and we'll add em here.

We have a small contingent of forumers, primarily from the D&D section, who get together on a fairly regular basis and new folks or visitors from strange and foreign lands (like Philadelphia or New Orleans or Seattle or SE++, or wherever) are always welcome to join us. We love to eat new-- er meet new people! Yes, yes. Meet.

Going to be in the NY/NJ area and want to hang out with people you may have met on the forums? Yes? Jolly good then.

additional pertinent information will be added to the header when specific events are planned, which will include who to PM for their address info or phone number in the event that you don't already have it, when the time comes.

So the unofficial list of people who live in the area and hang out is being developed here in this thread, if you want to be on said list post here or drop me a pm; this way people don't feel like they are left out of fun stuff when it happens.

Irish Rodent
(and Raz!)
Shazkar Shadowstorm
Casual Eddy
Psycho Internet Hawk

I started adding people based on the principle that the more is the merrier and whatnot
let me know if you need to be added or moved :-P

I might organize this list by boro/state at some point. We'll see!

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I will try to remember to update with my bee bulletins but I cannot promise I will always get to it, since editing from my phone is wack sometimes.

anywho. onward!

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