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Awesome: '[SHUT UP] Movie etiquette' by Atomic Ross

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see317 wrote:
InHuman wrote:
Only reason I dont watch movies in theaters anymore is cause people have really low standards and laugh at anything. Also its overpriced. Never had a problem with cellphones tho. And only time people have talked loudly was during shitty movies. Captain America and the like. I dont know what my point is here.

This... So much this.
Sorry dude, that lame masturbation joke was barely worth a smirk, maybe a chuckle if you're being generous. It was in no way deserving of your braying jackass imitation of a laugh.
It wasn't that funny. It wasn't that unexpected. I'm pretty sure anyone in that theater could have told you that the guy teaching another guy how to shoot a rifle is going to relate it to jacking off somehow.
That's just how things are done.

I broke up with a girl once. Not solely because she laughed at the Garfield 2 trailer, but it didn't help her case.

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