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Awesome: '[SHUT UP] Movie etiquette' by Tasteticle

TasteticleTasteticle Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
me and my buddy were watching a movie and he starts frantically tapping my shoulder

I look over at him and he points to the aisle

Some 15 year old kid is literally PEEING IN THE AISLE

His back is turned to us

So my friend reaches over and grabs my massive drink and WHIPS it at the kid

I had not touched it yet so it was full

The kid gets nailed by this mega cup full of pop which then explodes all over the back of his head causing him to scream and fall

into his own pee puddle

the scream that came from him next was well worth the 4 bucks i spent on that drink

Uh-oh I accidentally deleted my signature. Uh-oh!!


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