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Bachelor's Graduate in Criminal Justice Seeking Job Advice



  • Romero ZombieRomero Zombie Registered User regular
    Welcome to the club - I have the same degree and I probably could have gotten an office job, but I ended up becoming a cop and I love my job. Ya there is the whole harms way thing and your first day could ultimately be your last day, but I can tell as a whole, criminals aren't as determined as they used to. Last four years I have had....2 oh shit moments. Granted one of them shot at me, but I'm still here and he's in jail for a very long time. Hmm...probably not selling you on the idea here...

    With a degree and a good agency though, you can move up quick. I'm currently on Sergeants list and it's only up from there. I plan on retiring as a Lt or Captain, collect my fat pension (which I will get at 46 years old pending changes to legislature) and can then get another job consulting or some such. A lot of people hate cops, but I can't imagine myself doing any other job. Plus, it may be easier for you to get a job as a police officer then something within the courts. Having a degree and law enforcement experience looks good with FBI, DEA, etc. Good luck to you

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