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Awesome: 'PAX Prime 2011 BYOC Info/FAQ - SOLD OUT!' by jorax

joraxjorax Registered User
edited August 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
Look, I've gotten a mail every year I've attended regarding BYOC. I still have the mails to prove it. I guess that isn't the official way, but how was I to know that since I got them every year?


Nothing here mentions Twitter or forums. Or BYOC for that matter.


Not here either. In fact, there is no mention of BYOC anywhere on the PAX site. I don't have a twitter account and didn't use the forums much until this was pointed out to me. I read PA every Mon-Weds-Fri, and I never saw it mentioned there either. Am I not allowed to be dissapointed?


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