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Wireless Router Being a Dick

L|amaL|ama Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I've got a belkin somethingsomething and even when it's set to 802.11b&g&n, it seems to only work for g/n devices (my old PSP and laptop will be able to detect it maybe once every 100 times they scan for connections). Anyone had a similar problem or think of anything obvious I might be forgetting?

L|ama on


  • EsseeEssee The pinkest of hair. Victoria, BCRegistered User regular
    I haven't had the same problem, although I do personally have a Belkin router, which has been annoying me because it's so flaky. Looking at the settings, I suppose you could try changing the setting for this and see if it helps (under "Channel & SSID", where you've been looking already):
    "Protected Mode
    NOTE: In most situations, best performance (throughput) is achieved with Protected Mode OFF. If you are operating in an environment with HEAVY 802.11b traffic or interference, best performance may be achieved with Protected Mode ON."

    Other than that, I really don't see anything in the settings related to the class of wireless you're using, sorry. You can maybe try changing which wireless channel you use (in case there's interference causing this), too. Other than that, as far as I know, I'd just chalk this up to it being a stupid Belkin router. Mumblegrumble. (Can you tell I'm a bit dissatisfied with Belkin's products? Our router just randomly decides it doesn't want to play with either the modem or our computers, depending on the day, and it's been even worse lately.)

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