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I was browsing through the interwebs and kinda found Firefly Universe Online (http://www.fireflyuniverseonline.com). After a quicksearch here, I saw no mention whatsoever of that game (well... being hopeful when using the word game >.>). And just decided to ask if anyone else has heard of it or taken it any seriously. I can't help but wishful think about it. :cry:

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    MorvidusMorvidus Registered User regular
    Browncoats? Alliance? Reavers? Oh my god.

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    see317see317 Registered User regular
    So, it's an unofficial indie built MMO with no support from the actual license holders?
    This will end well.

    From the FAQ
    Is Firefly Universe Online a licensed title?
    No, Firefly Universe Online is not affiliated with 20th Century Fox or Mutant Enemy Inc at this time. Until Firefly Universe Online receives official endorsement by parent copyright holders, we will proceed under fair use as a tribute to the fans, the beloved cast, and creator Joss Whedon. Regardless of licensing, Mr. Whedon reserves the right to maintain full creative control over storyline and character evolution. All website and game content is the property of DarkCryo Entertainment and its indie creators, while the Firefly brand itself is a trademark of 20th Century FOX and Mutant Enemy Inc.

    Still, for some reason I remain cautiously optimistic about the possibilities of a game based on the Firefly IP.

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    SasquatchYoSasquatchYo Registered User new member
    I know, it clearly spells bad news, but... firefly! It's hard to resist the urge to be optimistic.

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    Lostprophet8Lostprophet8 Registered User regular
    Looks interesting. Is it actually playable or is it just an idea at this point?

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    DarkewolfeDarkewolfe Registered User regular
    I doubt they're putting much effort into it. There's no reason to without license rights. If it ever got to a successful point, it would IMMEDIATELY be shut down by the license holders. They probably were trying to get bought out by a house that could get the license and would make the game. It's long past when that would be a hot IP though.

    What is this I don't even.
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