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BYOC CCP/EVE POD Anual Race Event

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BYOC CCP/EVE POD Anual Race Event


Pod Racers Must be a member of the BYOC event.
Pod Racers Must have the recent EVE client installed and patched.
Pod Racers Must create a new character for use on the day of the POD race. This will be checked and verified for every character in the race to ensure every participant was created on that day.
Pod Racers Must meet up with the participants at the designated location at the designated time (start line).
When the "Start Line/System" is announced, the POD Racers will be given 1 hour (plenty of time) to get to the start location/system.
*Note* Please make it your best effort to ensure your machine is Installed, patched and ready to go at the designated time. Any participants causing a prolonged wait time in the event will be disqualified.
When the race starts, Capsoleers make best speed to the first checkpoint. Yes, those that wish to can change their clone stations along the way in case you are killed to respawn at a closer station so you don't lose too much ground but remember, that costs ISK and we will not be handing any out :) if you want some iskies for this feel free to go into Jita and sell your pet or beg for it, or hell, may-b even get an hour or 2 of game play done in the game and earn some for yourself :)
There will be 2 checkpoints (Start system, checkpoint 1, checkpoint 2, and then the finish line) and your new destination will be given once you get to that checkpoint. Example:
Start system, Checkpoint 1 will be announced (normally stated in local chat) at the start of the race & You race there. Once you reach checkpoint 1, checkpoint 2 destination will be given to you (normally stated in local chat). When you get to checkpoint 2, the finish line system will be given to you (normally stated in local chat), etc.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for... PRIZES!!

CCP was extremely generous this year and donated the following prizes to the top 3 winners:

1st - Full Faction Battleship Set + InGame Monocle (Holy cow, what a Massive Grand Prize!)
2nd - EVE Conquests Board game + InGame Monocle (Awesome Second prize! Heard the Board game is Sweet!)
3rd - 2 x 60 Day Time Codes + InGame Monocle (2 timecodes for Eve? Holy cow, Can even turn into Plex if you wanted to? SWEET!)

Signups for this year’s POD race will be at the BYOC section, just feel free to look for me (Cryptic) and I’ll answer any questions you may have, I’ll more than likely be up near the admin booth for a good majority of the weekend.

We want to thank Mike & CCP for their donations/sponsorship and remind everyone to please check out their booth at PAX.

Cryptic Power - Intel Lanfest Network Team
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