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After a long summer of moving, preparing for a baby and finishing off second round revisions on my novel, I decided to make August art month at my house. I'm working through the back end of "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and "Force" and I'm doing a doodle-a-day in Photoshop. The doodle-a-day project has been a ton of fun. It's forced me draw everyday and commit to poses and people I'd normally stay away from. I'm almost halfway through the month, and I'd love some critiques/suggestions for making my art even better. I'd post all the pictures here, but links to specific pictures in my gallery don't always play nice in forums, they keep breaking (I wish I knew why). You can see the gallery here

Edit: I'll try to get this to work (I promise I'm not site whoring!):
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Any feedback would be much appreciated. Also, I'd like to encourage others to try the doodle-a-day project. It's a ton of fun, and I can actually feel myself growing more confident with each doodle. Also, once I put it out there that I was doing it, I got flooded with doodle requests, so I don't even have to think of a subject most days. the write thing.
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    PS - I'm an infrequent poster, so I apologize if this should have been in a different thread.

    Also, if anyone knows why my website gallery links break every time I put them in a blog or message board other than my own website I'd appreciate some advice. Is it because of lightroom? It doesn't seem to happen when I upload a picture to the blog part, only when I try to pull a picture that has been uploaded to a gallery. the write thing.
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    Try uploading some stuff on a site like photobucket for posting pictures in forums. We also use bbc code, not html.

    Looking through your gallery, you have some cute stuff. I would recommend that you work on neatening your lines a bit though. Everything is very scribbly. Even if you want to leave them as sketches, you can take an eraser and neaten up the flyaway sketch lines when you're done, leaving the core stroke looking better.

    Your body structural forms look like they could use some work too, especially on the women. They look a bit stretched out, segmented and noodley. Are you drawing the entire figure out before clothing it?

    That hippo picture is pretty dang cute. Hope to see more from you.

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    Thanks a lot for the linking help and the sketch feedback. I'm purposely making and leaving the lines rough because I kind of like the look for doodles. I think my issues with structural forms in people comes from pinning down a style I'm comfortable with. I'm heavily inspired by Ben Caldwell, but I also want to do my own thing. I'm working through some art books now, and this Doodle-A-Day project is definitely helping me sharpen my skills. As for your question, yes I draw a frame before putting the clothes on. Is that a problem? Now that you pointed out the segmentation, it's all I can see! Any tips for smoothing that out? Thanks! the write thing.
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