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Seattle Board Game Shops

DjFILDjFIL Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
I'm hoping I'll just be finding things to buy at the expo. I really want Fantasy Flight Games to be there with Blood Bowl Team Manager and/or Gears of War, I'd probably scoop one or both of those up pretty quickly. Or maybe something I see a demo of will peek my interest for immediate purchase. But since I've already converted my Canadian funny money to American green backs, I might as well spend it all while I'm there. So say it's now Sunday (I've only got two single day passes for Friday and Saturday) and I've still got plenty of money left over... my ferry (the Clipper to Victoria) leaves at 3pm Sunday... is there any good board game shops in the downtown area open on a Sunday that could be of interest for me to visit?


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