How to make the front page faster.

jboxjbox Registered User new member
With a cold cache, the frontpage of PA generates 87 HTTP Requests --- roughly 1.02MB of data.

That's a lot!

Here a couple of simple tips to dramatically improve performance:

1) Move JavaScripts in the head of the page right before the closing body tag. This will dramatically improve the performance of the page in all browsers and not effect the experience.

2) Sprite images. The frontpage contains ~ 67 images. That's a lot. Most of these could be combined into a single sprite.

Even with just #1, readers will see a world of improvement.



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    MlorenMloren Registered User new member
    Can someone look into this? the main site is painfully slow and causes my computer to freeze up for about 5 seconds whenever I visit it.
    I used to have penny arcade as my home page but now its just too annoying.

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    MKRMKR Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    They probably looked at their analytics, saw that most people visited with fast connections and somewhat modern systems, and made the tradeoff of less tinkering. All I know is that the page loads instantly for me. Chrome says an uncached load takes 1.5 seconds.

    Maybe they could make up a low-bandwidth version for people with less beefy specifications.

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    MlorenMloren Registered User new member
    hmmm not sure that performance has anything to do with it.
    Running on a 3ghz quad core with an ADSL2 connection.
    Running latest firefox.
    I highly doubt any of that counts as "low-bandwidth"

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