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PAX Indie Games on Demand [Tabletop]

sageltsagelt Registered User
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
With PAX just a few days away it's time to talk about Indie Games on Demand at PAX.

What is Indie Games on Demand at PAX? It's kind of like tabletop HQ, but for indie roleplaying games. Just like at Tabletop HQ you could check out a copy of Dominion and learn to play at Indie Games on Demand you'll be able to check out someone who knows how to play Fiasco and can play a game with you.

Who's playing? Well, you, hopefully. We'll provide people who can run the game (for some games, that may mean the designer themselves).

How does it work? You come by Indie Games on Demand in the tabletop freeplay area, room 306, and check out what games are currently getting started. There'll be someone there who will ask you what you're interested in playing, maybe suggest some other games, and hopefully get you into a game right then. If not right then, then later. There will be plenty of games.

When can you play? Every single day of PAX, from opening till midnight or so. Most games will start at two hour intervals starting at 10:00 AM, but if there's enough people and an open table games can start any time. Come by room 306 whenever.

Where is this hotness happening? Room 306, part of the freeplay area. I'm pretty sure I already said that.

What games will be there? That depends on who's around at any given moment, but some games that we'll have people ready to run include:

-Apocalypse World
-Lady Blackbird
-Burning Wheel
-Mouse Guard
-The Wildlings
-Dungeon World
-G X B
-Drifter's Escape
-Cthulhu Dark
-Tulip Academy
-Geiger Counter
-On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
-Dogs in the Vineyard

Questions? Got a game you've heard about but it's not on the list? Fire away.

sagelt on


  • HeyJoeHeyJoe Registered User regular
    I'd really like to give Mouse Guard/Burning Wheel a try.

  • iSamuraiiSamurai Registered User regular
    I might have to stop in! I need to find something to do after 10pm on Friday.

  • sageltsagelt Registered User
    HeyJoe wrote:
    I'd really like to give Mouse Guard/Burning Wheel a try.

    I'm bringing my copy of the new Mouse Guard box set and I have some BW demo materials I haven't even looked at yet. So, basically: that can totally happen. :)

  • MattauiMattaui Dallas, TXRegistered User regular
    Awesome, I'm really glad to see some indie game representation here. Going to have copies to purchase, too?

  • sageltsagelt Registered User
    Mattaui wrote:
    Awesome, I'm really glad to see some indie game representation here. Going to have copies to purchase, too?
    Indie Games on Demand won't be selling games directly, but the space is sponsored by Gamma Ray Games who will have many of these games for sale.

  • sageltsagelt Registered User
    Just a minor update: this will be in room 306 instead of 2A. It's a much nicer space for running some games.

  • MattauiMattaui Dallas, TXRegistered User regular
    Room 306, got it. I know there was some discussion in another thread about it being in 2A, hopefully folks note the change!

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