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The Decide-o-tron App



  • LagnarLagnar Registered User regular
    Squall wrote:
    i couldnt find any option to add steam IDs, that would save me a lot of time

    actually i cant seem to find how to go back and add my psn ID now that i've been using the app; where is that option hidden?

    On the far left tab, when you get the option to chose criteria or use My library for recommendations, there is a gear/cog at the top right. Hit that, scroll down and the option for PSN and Xbox should be there.

  • SquallSquall hap cloud Registered User regular
    hey thanks! i wouldnt have noticed it otherwise

    something else: the app crashes frequently on iphone 4 when scrolling thru search results

  • LagnarLagnar Registered User regular
    Squall wrote:
    hey thanks! i wouldnt have noticed it otherwise

    something else: the app crashes frequently on iphone 4 when scrolling thru search results

    The new sticked thread at the top had the devs say this:
    Lagnar wrote:
    First off, awesome job so far! The dev's did a great job on this.

    I've only encountered a few issues as of yet:

    The first is that it (the App) seems pretty prone to crashing to the I Phone desktop or whatever you can call it. At first it did it a little here and there but just right now I had to launch it 4 times to actually be able to use it. It seems pretty random with what triggers this, as simply launching it, adding a game to my library or even not doing anything will have it crash.
    Hi Lagnar!

    Thanks for providing your feedback! We're the developer of Decide-o-tron and are most definitely working to make the app the best it can possibly be. In regard to the crashing issues you've reported, here's a couple of things you can try to help stabilise the app:

    1) Make sure you are always running the latest version of iOS.
    2) Restart your device. This always helps to keep your iPod/iPhone/iPad running optimally.
    3) Check how many apps are currently loaded in your devices memory. You can check this by double tapping the home button and seeing how many apps/games are currently running. Each of these app/games takes up memory, so it's also a good idea to remove any of these that you are not actively using. You can remove them by holding down your finger on the icon and pressing the 'x' to remove. Tap the home button again to resume normal operation.

    After the performing the above, delete and reinstall the app and you should be good to go!

    Let us know how you go :)

    - Ingmar

    Which worked great for me.

  • agilemaniaagilemania Registered User regular
    We didn't have the development resources to make multiple versions right out the gate. So what ends up happening is that we choose the one with the best chance of success (with factors including market share, support from the store, and our own data where we ask hey what phone do you own) and proceed from there. I own two android devices, Mike owns a Windows phone - we all want to see this thing on as many things as possible. I don't see why some people think this move is some sort of personal attack on them though... (referencing outside data - not reactions in here, mind you)

    I guess I don't understand why this choice had to be made. They probably could have made a website with a mobile-optimized version with approximately the same development resources and then everyone would have been able to use it at launch. Looking over the feature list it appears the only losses would be barcode scanning and offline caching, though of course there would be nothing precluding them from making a native mobile version later and adding those features. The only other downside would be having to actually write and host another website (and additionally storing people's accounts and libraries), but the technical folks at PA can obviously handle that kind of thing.
    egreco wrote:
    Your data can be linked to a facebook account so if you were to login to facebook on your iPod touch and your iPhone, they would have the same library.
    This also ensures that if your iPhone was lost or had to be reformatted you wouldn't lose all your data. :)

    Relying on Facebook for remote data storage is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing: they don't have to worry about maintaining servers and user accounts and data. Curse: users have to have a FB account to use non-local storage and you also have to assume that FB won't lose that data or, worse, do evil things with that data.

    This is not meant as a personal attack and I don't expect Khoo and friends to justify their decisions. I love PA and want everything they do to be as successful as possible. I'm just expressing my opinion that there were other options that possibly could have yielded greater fruit.

  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular
    Probably already mentioned, but Steam ID support would be a welcome addition.

    App looks/ works great so far on iOS 5 b6!

  • 1800nightlife1800nightlife Registered User
    I was really upset when I realized this is not for the Android :(.

    Xboxlive: Nightlife1800
  • kaortikaorti Registered User regular
    Is there any way to get this to run when you don't have an internet connection? I'm using an ipod touch, and I don't have wireless at home, so I can't use the app at the times when I'd most like to find a game recommendation.

  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    the whole way it works is that it searches an online database of games based on the stuff you already have



    It's not like it has the entire thing downloaded to your device, that would be so much data for one app.

  • Tss_fanTss_fan Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    I have tried to input 20 games, and 13 of them came up as "unknown" these include Civilization 4, Medieval 2, and Sid Meier's Pirates and interestingly Star Control 2, which is on Tycho's list, I suspect this is due to some games being released with so many variations or being too old.

    Is there some way to add games which dont scan? I can only wishlist them.

    (edit) this seemed to have only been the case with my few games and it has been fixed now. I can now add all games to my library.

    Tss_fan on
  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    You should probably ask that in the support thread that is stickied at the top of this forum!

  • Sir Headless VIISir Headless VII Registered User regular
    I would echo that steam support would be a huge plus. Also The recommendations tend to recommend me the same game several times just for different platforms (ie Arkam City on PC, and then later on PS3), it would be nice if it only showed up once (possibly with something to indicate which platforms it is available to me on).

    Steam - Backpack - Bnet: SirHeadless #1154
  • BongoClownBongoClown Registered User
    I love the app so far, however as a rather strong classic gamer and a lover of old adventure games I wonder if there are any plans of expanding the library of games to even old 90s (or even 80s) games to, in reality, be able to recommend more current games that carry the same kind of gaming experiences as the old ones?

  • ZeeZee Registered User
    So it's essentially a way to allow advertisers to target gamers more precisely, delivered straight to our cell phones.
    I feel obligated to mention that...
    1) Gee, thanks for making these ads free!
    2) Why aren't you selling this preference data? It should be an a nice extra way to monetize the app. Wait, are you guys recording and selling our preference data but just not mentioning it in the original post?

    Has there really been this large outcry of "Man, I just don't know what new game to get, given my existing preferences! The videogame industry media just doesn't give enough information for me to make an educated decision! " Just saying, fi you're looking for a way to capitalize off of your loyal fan-base, maybe try a less blatant approach.

    Longtime fan , keep up the comics!

  • DHS OdiumDHS Odium Registered User regular
    Like the app so far, but I have a suggestion: Can you strip out game recommendations of games I own on different platforms? For example, it will suggest Dragon Age: Origins, which I own on PC, for the Xbox 360 and PS3. If I add a single game for any platform to my library, I'd like the option to set it so it doesn't show up as a recommendation on any other platform.

    Also, I noticed a lot of games have the wrong (future) release date and so I can't add them.

    Wii U: DHS-Odium // Live: DHS Odium // PSN: DHSOdium // Steam: dhsykes // 3DS: 0318-6615-5294
  • DaltonCarlDaltonCarl Registered User regular
    edited July 2014

    DaltonCarl on
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Zee wrote:
    Just saying, fi you're looking for a way to capitalize off of your loyal fan-base, maybe try a less blatant approach.

    It's free, and we don't sell the information on. If you don't like it you don't have to use it, but not liking it does not give you the right to be a douchebag about it on our (also free) forums.

    Hobnail wrote: »
    This forum has taken everything from me
  • Tss_fanTss_fan Registered User regular
    The Like/dislike suggestion buttons are very small and located in the lower right hand corner, I have accidentally clicked like on a dislike or vise versa. I have also clicked "search" or "wishlist" repeatedly perhaps this could be addressed in a future update?

  • DusdaDusda is ashamed of this post Registered User regular
    I am loving this thing. Most of the recommendations seem pretty spot on, as they are either games I'm aware of and want to pick up or games I haven't considered but look intriguing. Nice work!

    I would love to see Steam support (seems the popular request around here), and a Phone 7 version of the app (maybe not so popular a request).

  • ErzbergerErzberger Registered User regular
    This would be the perfect app for me, since I´m a casual gamer and don´t follow release dates or the gaming press at all. But I do like to play a good PC game once in a while and I´m usually pretty lost when I´m looking for one. Unfortunately, I have an android phone. I´ll just keep on hoping you guys will expand to the android market as well. In any case, this is a great idea and I applaud it. :-)

  • 5minmajor5minmajor Registered User
    While I don't find the recommendations all that useful at the moment as I generally know well ahead of time what releases I will like, the celebrity lists are fascinating to me. It is super interesting to see industry types top 10 lists. Worth the download for me.

    ASCII Image of Optimus Prime Eating a Sandwich
  • VaregaVarega Registered User regular
    I miss my iphone soley because of this app. But, I'm patiently waiting for this to hit android's marketplace, where we can be united once again.

    League of Legends:Varega
  • Anakha56Anakha56 Registered User
    So I am new to this part of the world but not to PA and I have been following Decide-O-Tron ever since it was launched. So just a quick question, is there any news about the Android support? The Twitter feed/account is silent, makes me think that PA did not pay the electricity bills and Decide-O-Tron has been on a blackout... :(

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