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Share the power movement :-)

tessel8tessel8 Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
PAX, like many other technology-focus conferences, has crowds of folks huddled around any power wall plugs that can be found. Many of us will be trudging around, looking behind every seat, around every corner, looking for an open plug so we can charge our cell/laptop/game-system/teleporter.

I wanted to throw out the idea of a "share the power movement" and encourage folks to bring a power strip tucked in their bag, and when they need to charge or use power, you break it out and "multiply" the power ports for others to use. It also makes for a great opportunity to meet people who come over to use the power :).

There are a couple of companies that make nice "travel" power strips that a light and small. Mine has 3 AC plugs and 2 USB.

Just thought I would share the idea and encourage folks to share the power :).


tessel8 on


  • LigerLiger Registered User regular
    I don't mean this as negative, but... What happens when you and your power strip have to leave for an event and there are 3 other people plugged into it?

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  • TheJackylTheJackyl Registered User regular
    Hopefully if the movement is big enough one of those people left might also have a strip they can bust out. Otherwise those left behind should simply be thankful for however long they were able to use it. Better than nothing, right.

  • TheJackylTheJackyl Registered User regular
    I'm going to try this out. Figure if anything, people using a wall socket would be more than happy to let me plug in the strip. Pretty much guaranteed power wherever I find an outlet.

  • tessel8tessel8 Registered User regular
    I did it once so far on the 2nd floor tabletop free play "hang out" area. Worked pretty well. Went up and ask if I could "split out their power". After a short explaination, I got a couple of "cool" and "neat idea" comments. :)

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