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PA comic: Friday August 26, 2011



  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    Rolo wrote:




  • PandabearcakesPandabearcakes Registered User regular
    Just as I thought PA was getting weaker, they release this gem.

    That last panel <3

  • Roger WilcoRoger Wilco Registered User regular
    Lost on the plains of Siberia, his friends dead, supplies gone. The icy snow, his bed, the freezing wind his blanket. His trusty dog, his only companion. His only connection to the outside world is that N-Gage. One little ray of sunshine in his dreary life, probably the last source of joy he'll experience before he shoots his dog and then himself. But 2,000 miles away Gabe is screaming at his computer.

    "Not far below you is a large horizontal plane which proves beneficial in maximizing the exploitation of gravity."
  • SpeedNutSpeedNut Registered User
    Comrade dog needs his own comic.

  • TankHammerTankHammer Atlanta Ghostbuster Atlanta, GARegistered User regular
    Costarring Rex Ready.

  • Sleet01Sleet01 Registered User
    The sad irony is that, at PAX BYOC, pings in seconds and update times in *days* were common ;_;

    And it's oh, boys, can't you code it <huh> and program it right;
    Nothin' ever happens in this life of mine.
    I'm haulin' out the data on the Xerox line!
  • VThornheartVThornheart Registered User regular
    I have to admit, for about a week I was one of those people.

    I had switched to commuting to work via bus instead of train for a month, and the bus was so uncomfortable and boring that I decided to use their sketchy wifi and my borderline netbook-grade laptop to try playing LoL.

    The result was LoL playing at ~15fps at the lowest settings, with a ping of about 1200ms. I tried for a week to play that way, and then decided for the mercy of those playing with me that I'd stop. Luckily, I only played bot games in this situation, so I hopefully didn't inconvenience any real players too much.

    Anyways, that's my terrible confession. I apologize to those who played with me during that desperate week. =)

    3DS Friend Code: 1950-8938-9095
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