[AVATAR] the last forumbender {NEW}

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Looking at these shiny new forums, it only seemed right to get some shiny new Av's going on, to make the picture complete. When the forum got updated it appeared to stretch the old av's to fit the new dimensions, while also disabling animated gifs. It made things look kinda cruddy, so now seems like a good a time as any to get some fresh duds poppin.

Also avatars can now be 80 by 80 pixels so lets get cracking. Make someone a pretty JPEG or go the extra mile with some animation! Please don't come in hounding people for art, the more you contribute, the more likely others will be to throw some love back atcha.

Hey look I made one to get the ball rolling! Here you go Tynic!


AV's that I made for the last thread...

And some animated GIF's I made from before...

Alright AC go gettem. Lets make this a thread of good clean fun and participation.

Got old AV's you made from prior AV gifting threads? Post those too, but please put all old artwork in spoilers so we can focus on the stuff we haven't seen before ya? Ya!

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