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In the not too distant future, next sunday A.D.

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There was a guy named Joel
Not too different from you or me
He worked at Gizmonic Institute,
Just another face in a red jumpsuit.
He did a good job cleaning up the place,
But his bosses didn't like him
So they shot him into space.

We'll send him cheesy movies,
The worst we can find (la-la-la).
He'll have to sit and watch them all,
And we'll monitor his mind (la-la-la).
Now keep in mind Joel can't control
Where the movies begin or end (la-la-la)
Because he used those special parts
To make his robot friends.

Robot Roll Call: (All right, let's go!)
Cambot! (Pan left!)
Gypsy! (Hi, girl!)
Tom Servo! (What a cool guy!)
Croooow! (He's a wisecracker.)

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
and other science facts (la la la),
Then repeat to yourself, "It's just a show,
I should really just relax
For Mystery Science Theater... 3000!"
*guitar riff*

I've been a fan of MST3K since it first came to Comedy Central. I watched every season from season 3 onward as it was produced, and I've seen the previous 3 seasons (2, 1, and 0) since. I have the entire series bootlegged (I kept circulating the tapes!)

MST3K is, by far, my absolute favorite TV show of all time. It makes me sad that it is 100% unknown outside of the US, because the comedy style it employs is both timeless and cultureless. I interviewed Mary Jo Pehl a few years ago and she said that there was conscious effort by the writers (MST3K was written by a staff of about 25 people) to avoid any and all pop culture references (unless they were extremely dated, like, 1950's references) so the show would be timeless and could transcend nations.

My father and I had a saturday routine from 97-99. We'd go to the movies in the mall during the day. We'd get there usually about 3 or so hours before the movie began, so we could go check out Sam's Club for PC games, or Electronics Boutique for console games, or kill some time at the arcade, or grab a bite to eat at whataburger or something. Then, around 5 pm or so, we'd see our movie. We'd get out at around 7, get home around 8. We'd dick around on the PC or sega with whatever game we'd bought for an hour or so, then we'd go to the family room, pop some popcorn, turn on the sci-fi channel, pop in a blank VHS tape from the bulk collection we'd bought, then record the MST3K of the week. We did that just about every single saturday from 97 until the show ended in 99.

Damn. I was like 13 years old when that routine started. I suddenly miss living at home.

Easily the best show of all time IMO. I love the fact that it was so incredibly cheap to produce. It makes the sharp writing stand out even more, because the show isn't great because of production values (there are none) or special effects (again, there are none). The show is great entirely based off the incredibly sharp writing.

For those from other countries (or too young to have seen MST3K) and have no idea what I'm talking about, have a taste of the greatest TV show America has ever produced:

I love that the spirit of MST3K will never, ever die. MST3K was cancelled 3 times, and revived twice. And even after it's final cancellation (which had a GREAT ending, btw, the final episode ends with a scene that is completely fitting for the show and puts a huge smile on my face), the concept is still alive today, with the same cast, via Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax. Rifftrax is a bit rough, and I don't like that they do modern movies, but CT is fucking great. It IS MST3K. it's the true successor to the show, and the CT version of Santa vs the Martians is, IMO, far superior to the MST3K version.

Again, best show EVER.

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