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[Prime] Thank You, Enforcers

beta_angelbeta_angel ColoradoRegistered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
As I don't have the ability to make it to PAX today, I'm going to start this thread.

Thank you guys, so much. Bottom line, you Enforcers help make PAX an amazing experience for everybody who attends and you all do it extremely well. You're very helpful, kind, always willing to answer questions and make sure people are doing what they're supposed to be doing. You work long hours, you work tired, you work hard and you're still always attentive when people need assistance, directions or even the name of a good place to eat that's not "Subway".

You guys do something that not everybody could do and that's a huge deal. PAX probably wouldn't go without you.

For all that, a minuscule "Thank You" is all that can put on a message board, but I think we all know that you deserve more.

Thank you all, Enforcers. PAX isn't PAX without you.

UEAKCrash wrote:
EvilBadman wrote:
Beta_Angel is awesome. Never doubt this.
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beta_angel on


  • mcdermottmcdermott Registered User regular
    Indeed. As I braved the clusterfuck that was the Wil Wheaton/Felicia Day double feature (either of whom are guaranteed to create a hell of a line) I definitely appreciated how hard the Enforcers work to both ensure people have some chance of doing the things that matter to them, while maintaining some semblance of order, and keeping things light (because being in line can suck). Out at a place like the main theater, it's easy; they had plenty of barricades and a nice setup for making things happen. But the way they handle a lot of the "on the spot" pileups that may not have been anticipated (for instance, at expo hall booths) is impressive.

    Professional cat herders, they are.

  • smallz74smallz74 Sunnyside, WARegistered User regular
    edited August 2011
    Yes big thanks to the Enforcers you guys rocked and were very helpful to me being it was my first Pax. You even kept us entertained

    You tube clip of the enforcers getting the crowd dancing

    smallz74 on
    Twitter: @smallville74
  • Dragon6860Dragon6860 Registered User regular
    Indeed. This was my first PAX and the enforcers were amazing every step of the way. Can't imagine the level of work they've got to do to make sure the show runs smoothly, but wow, it is great.

    FTC: honk.
    FTC: HONK.

    PAX Prime 2014 Resistance Tournament Winner
  • tokyodovetokyodove Perth, WARegistered User regular
    pax enforcers were definately awesome. every time i asked one for directions they pretty much knew where i was heading before i finished the sentence

  • NormanPrideNormanPride Registered User regular
    First PAX as well. Enforcers were epic. All were nice, all knew what was going on. I want to be one now.

  • wonko33wonko33 Registered User regular
    haven't met one I did not like, thx guys

  • iqubaliqubal Registered User
    Yep they rock. Awesome job as usual!

  • wonko33wonko33 Registered User regular
    just wanted to give a special thanks to the enforcers that were cleaning the controllers at the Console freeplay. That looked really boring and not very pleasant, but they all looked like they were doing it right and we appreciated it.

  • FerquinFerquin Snorlax Renton, WA, USARegistered User regular
    Thanks, Enforcers!

    Oh, and the female Enforcer with the Minecraft Creeper head and monocle during the wait for the final Omegathon round was awesome and entertaining. Thanks for the hug!

    Ferquin N.C. Root
  • kube00kube00 Registered User regular
    Nice work enforcers! Big thanks

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Just celebrated my 10th PAX trip

    edited August 2011
    Huge thanks to the group of guys running the console tournament desk who helped me about five different times with directions to places and such, as well as providing my little sister with an extra lanyard when the one she was using to hold her badge broke.

  • OmegaDMZOmegaDMZ Registered User
    Yeah, they did an awesome job. I can't fathom myself standing for so long doing nothing but watching people.

  • kazanmakazanma Registered User regular
    Thank you Enforcers!

  • EmptyAyEmptyAy Registered User regular
    I've never had a problem finding a thing or getting to a place, and it's all because of Enforcers. Thanks guys!

  • trickycooljtrickycoolj Registered User regular
    Extra special thanks to the BYOC enforcers for another awesome year! You guys rocked all hours of the day from 10am-2am keeping us entertained and guarding the door of the super sekret hideout. Oh and an extra shout out to the few that were around when I tried the toxic burning electronics bacon flavored jelly bean it made me not regret throwing a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in my PAX emergency bag! :rotate:

  • jimthompsonjimthompson Registered User
    Yes thank you to all the enforcers! My wife and I were lost the on Saturday and not only did he enforcer tell us where to go but took us to our destination! My last two year at PAX has been great and it is because of the great enforcer staff! You guys work so hard and I would like to thank you for all the you do for PAX.

  • clothesgirlclothesgirl Registered User
    edited August 2011
    Big ups to the enforcers for making my first PAX so awesome. Special shout out to the enforcer from Detroit working security at the expo hall-I got to meet Wheaton! I hope our chat has you liking Canadians more. Those people from Ohio are on their own, though ;)

    clothesgirl on
  • ShadeShade Registered User regular
    You guys are amazing and without you the show could not happen!

    I make weird crap and put it on the internet!
  • OccamOccam Registered User regular
    Second PAX here, but first for more than one day and first time interacting with any Enforcers.

    Never a hint of impatience or brusqueness, always ready to be helpful and friendly. You guys were amazing. I'd have been lost without you. Literally and figuratively.

  • kylechukylechu Registered User regular
    I have never met an enforcer that wasn't an awesome person. I have never met anyone who's said anything about enforcers aside from telling me how awesome they are.

    Every time I talk to one of you, I feel honored to be in your presence. Thanks for another great year.

  • yabukasigiyabukasigi Registered User regular
    Lol seems like kilts are becoming more and more part of the uniform. =D Awesome

  • SaydlenSaydlen Registered User regular
    Huge, huge thanks to all the enforcers. I tried to hit as many of you as possible on Sunday with in-person thank yous, but for obvious reasons it proved an insurmountable task (though yet another fun PAX meta-game).

    Regrettably this post will have to suffice for the rest, but know that you are the reason that everything was so fantastic. Without your hard work I can't imagine the execution of PAX succeeding.

  • AkumakeiAkumakei Registered User
    This thread cannot contain enough love. Enforcers, you make our show. Thank you all for the wonderful job you do!

  • mossey3535mossey3535 Registered User regular
    I tried saying thanks to some in person on Saturday but I'm sorry to say I forgot/got tired on Sunday. So thanks to all the Enforcers and to the OP! :D

  • DaksaDaksa MesaRegistered User regular
    edited August 2011
    Thank you all very much. Everything stated above about your awesomeness is 100% accurate. You all make the Con more fun with your line entertainment skills.

    Daksa on
  • DuelLadySDuelLadyS Registered User regular
    This was my first Pax- at my normal annual con (which will go unnamed to be polite), staff typically ranges from 'polite but utterly uninformed' to 'you don't have to be rude about it'- in other words, you're better off asking congoers for help over staff most of the time. I went to wait for a panel this year, but wasn't sure where to line up, or if I could yet (I got there early and there was a line for a panel before the one I was attending.) Someone in line claimed to be waiting for my panel, but I didn't know where the end of the line was, so me and my friends asked an Enforcer. The first lady was very nice, but unsure what we should do and went to confirm/work on line control. "Here we go", we thought. Then something very unexpected happened- another Enforcer actually came along with the answer to our question, offered up the locations of the nearest bathrooms/water/outlets for charging whatever, and told us to track him down if anything else came up. We were dumbfounded by the professionalism. Coupled with the very awesome guys managing the keynote lines, getting swag bags to everyone and keeping us entertained... in one day the Enforcers outdid years of staff interactions at my regular cons. Thank all of you for being awesome, you're part of why I'm going to be sitting down with a few friends soon and figuring out how we can make PAX fit into our schedule every year!

  • peterhuzzajpspeterhuzzajps Registered User regular
    This was my wife's and I first PAX and I must say the Enforcers where great, all of them where nice and very helpful. They also where quite entertaining in the long lines. Thanks again for all the awesome work you all did.

  • SpySpy Registered User
    edited August 2011
    Great work enforcers. I have been to PAX for 5 years now and you keep doing better and better. Lines were smooth and never getting in the way. I loved the trivia that was being asked while we wait for the final round of the omegathon.

    Just needed to let you guys know how really thankful and impressed I was this year. Thanks for making PAX what it is and running smoothly. We are forever in your debt.


    Spy on
    Twitter - @SpexAndSuits
  • AlphonsisAlphonsis Registered User regular
    yay for enforcers!

  • SheezSheez Registered User regular
    This wasn't my first PAX, but I have to say that it was possibly the best as far as line management. You Enforcers working the Skyrim line? I <3 you guys and gals. The number of people who tried to sneak into the line was fairly huge, and your efforts dissuaded them. Also, all of you looked entirely badass doing it.

    I'm tempted, just by the conversations I've had and the quality of work I've seen to join your ranks next year. You folks are an inspiration and the glue that makes this whole thing work.

    Much love

  • eMDeeeMDee Seattle, WARegistered User
    I was sporting my Pixel Heart Enforcer shirt on Saturday and I made sure to show it to as many Enforcers as possible that day. Super thanks to all of you guys, and a special shout-out to the pair I talked to outside of the Shereton who were watching for scalpers

    The unorthodox and the unlikely - it's what I do, it's what I'm good at.
  • DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    Hey enforcers. You guys make PAX awesome, every year.

    The guy with a briefcase, relentlessly promoting Classic Console freeplay until he ran out of breath (and even then he kept evangelizing the awesomeness).
    The line crews, handing out buttons and pipe cleaners (for accessorizing) to keep the huddled masses in queue rooms from becoming frustrated huddled masses.
    The expo crew, always watching to make sure that nobody gets lost and the crowded hallways keep moving.
    In the background, herds of enforcers moving thousands of swag bags from the Sheraton to the main hall.
    In console freeplay, the small army of enforcers working diligently to sanitize used controllers. This is the first year I've left PAX without some sort of cold. It's almost a miracle!

    Thank you, all.

  • JsunuJsunu Registered User
    Wow my first PAX and I was blown away by everything! But I was the most blown away from the enforces and how helpful and ORGANIZED these people were. I also give props to those people cleaning the controllers in the freeplay area. I was staring at an enforce who were cleaning the Wii remotes and it did not look like a fun job at all. Seriously makes me consider volunteering to become one just to give something back to PAX.

  • beta_angelbeta_angel ColoradoRegistered User regular
    This should not be on the second page yet. Keep thanking. They deserve it.

    UEAKCrash wrote:
    EvilBadman wrote:
    Beta_Angel is awesome. Never doubt this.
    TF2 Hatpack
  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    edited August 2011
    Okay, that's easy. Thank you! You guys make PAX what it is and are generally just super amazing human beings. Almost every time I tried to give an enforcer a free Cookie Brigade treat, s/he donated anyway. Pure Class.

    Also, thanks to the hottie Aussie enforcer in the kilt who picked me up (literally) in front of my boyfriend. Best giggle I've had in ages.

    LexiconGrrl on
    Owner of and General Badass Chick at Seattle's best Distillery & Scandinavian Cafe Old Ballard Liquor Co.
  • ReparadocsReparadocs Registered User regular
    First PAX, those guys/girls are amazing :D

  • GeekyPrincessGeekyPrincess Registered User regular
    Also, thanks to the hottie Aussie enforcer in the kilt who picked me up (literally) in front of my boyfriend. Best giggle I've had in ages.

    There was a hot Aussie enforcer in a kilt and I missed it?!?!

    Huge thanks to the enforcers, especially the line entertainment guy with the sheep, my girls have been running around yelling sheep, sheep, sheep all day!

    Cookie Brigade Prime 2011 and 2012!
    Shipping cookies for Prime 2013
  • FenrisknightFenrisknight Token Canadian CanadianRegistered User regular
    Thanks to the team that kept us entertained while waiting for the Sat night concert. We were the canadians who made the portal pipe cleaners, and were generally animated. Also Fur Elise is terrifying.

    And I beat the power glove at it's own game, triumph over the 80s!

  • SrenaebSrenaeb Registered User regular
    I have a medical condition this year, and the Enforcers have been super kind and helpful all convention. I do remember a few I had very good conversations with, but I don't want to single them out -- they were all spectacular.

    Thanks for making the event wonderful, as always.

  • ArdentbiscuitArdentbiscuit Registered User regular
    I have never been to PAX before and it's amazing going to an event where the people working it actually know something!!!!! I never asked something that they didn't have an answer for!!!

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