I love cats. I love every kind of cat.



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    CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    There's a ... Damnation. I am an idiot/jackass

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    PiptheFairPiptheFair Frequently not in boats. Registered User regular
    leaked footage from ULTRA CATZ

    a film directed by zack snyder

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    Cilla BlackCilla Black Priscilla!!! Registered User regular
    more reminders that cats are crazy insane good predators

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    Houk the NamebringerHouk the Namebringer Nipples The EchidnaRegistered User regular
    I just love how his face is so whatever and blase about the whole thing

    all "yeah i'm just jumping five times my body height here to smack a thing, whatevs"

    take a video of my face trying to jump as high as i can

    it will look like i'm suffering a stroke and charley horse at the same time

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    ShortyShorty touching the meat Intergalactic Cool CourtRegistered User regular
    that cat had a goal and did what it took to achieve

    fuckin' badass

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    override367override367 ALL minions Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    I love how this cat is drinking water


    My cat does this!

    In fact if I don't leave the water on at least a slow trickle he will not shut up until it is turned on, often at like 4 am

    Then he shows up and shoves his soaking wet head against my face and purrs and wakes me up

    I can't win, but he's too adorable to argue with

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    DrZiplockDrZiplock Registered User regular
    My girlfriend is still back in PA but she's selling off most of the furniture and all that. Recently she sold the bedroom set, which is a good thing. Unless you're one of my cats.

    See, the thing of it is that the one guy in particular would always jump from the bed to the dresser to the window (very high windows). This wasn't an issue until the mattress was just resting on the floor without the added height of the bed frame and all that. Seems that the little dude tried to make the jump, shorted it and ended up slowly sliding down the front of the dresser.

    Walked out of the room with an air of "nope, didn't just happen".

    ...it's funnier if you know him. Shut up.

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    HammerHorrorHammerHorror Registered User regular
    Not a cat, but hey - it's fuzzy:

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    JoeUserJoeUser Forum Santa Registered User regular
    Clouded Leopard Cubs To Turn Two Months Old!

    Point Defiance Zoo's Clouded Leopard cubs have names: The female, is now Suksn (pronounced Sook-Son); her brother, is Chận sūng (pronounced Chan-Soon). Her new name means "mischievous;" his means "noble." Nearly 6,000 votes were cast in the name-the-cubs survey. This Sunday, the cubs turn two months old and, as you can see, they are getting more playful every time we check in with them!



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    CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    Holy ... :D:D:D

    We're done here. Shut it down (for a new cats thread).

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    TheStigTheStig Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    TheStig on
    bnet: TheStig#1787 Steam: TheStig
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    chromdomchromdom Who? Where?Registered User regular
    Or move over to the dag thread that's already started and invade it with kits?

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    CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    chromdom wrote: »
    Or move over to the dag thread that's already started and invade it with kits?

    I'm fine with that.

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