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[Cracked] Skin Guns, Minimum Wage Jobs, and America!

PwnanObrienPwnanObrien He's right, life sucks.Registered User regular
edited October 2011 in Singularity Engine++
Founded in 2007 is the vastly more successful spinoff of the defunct Cracked Magazine.

...according to an article I read on cracked. Also pictures are centered.

Pretty much literally nothing carried over from the magazine. The website took a more intellectual approach ditching the ladmag quasi-porn and shallow parodies of the magazine's final years for the more intellectual examination of science history and the arts mostly in the form of lists peppered with dick and shit jokes. When not giving you the terrorshits with articles about what common household items and practices are secretly killing you Cracked also acts as home to several great video series almost half of which don't star Michael Swaim. Contributors can submit anything from articles to photo manipulations to videos, or if you really want to be hated in the comments just submit your terrible terrible webcomic.

If you're new to Cracked here's a small sampling of where to start reading, appropriately enough in the form of lists:


Daniel O'Brien
Soren Bowie
Robert Brockway
Chris Bucholz
Michael Swaim
Christina H.
David Wong
Jack O'Brien
John Cheese
Luke McKinney
Brendan McGinley


Movies & TV
Weird World
Video Games


The Katie Willert Experience
After Hours
Agents of Cracked
Cracked TV
Does Not Compute

So, here it is: your place to discuss The 17 worst haircuts of the Ottoman Empire or who would win in a fight between Teddie Roosevelt and Batman or The X _____iest Ys ever found in a human body.

There's only one way I can think to appropriately end this post.


PwnanObrien on


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