Retrogame Roadshow - what was there?

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I didn't take notes at the Retrogame Roadshow panel and I'm trying to remember what was shown there.

Can people add to and/or correct this incomplete list:

- Panic Restaurant NES?
- Coleco Pac Man tabletop
- Capcom Power System Changer
- Atari 2600 review roms (red dot)
- Donkey Kong Game & Watch with box
- Final Fantasy I and III NES, sealed/signed (Sakaguchi?)
- Sega Dreamcast game, sealed (he bought for $500 that day at PG) (edit: was actually for Saturn. Panzer Dragoon Saga)


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    M.U.L.E. IBM PC Jr version
    Panzer dragoon Saga was the sealed sega Saturn game
    Epoch game computer handheld (like an early gameboy)

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    Also Zelda for the famicom disk system

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    Thanks for those additions!

    I had wanted to bring a (possibly boxed) Q*Bert's Cubes for CV, but realized at the last minute that it's in a hard-to-get-to storage box. I think this is a sign I need to do some cleaning/organizing.

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