Vote PAX best local event of western washington

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go over to and create an account or sign in and go to the where we live -> best local event area and vote for pax, i think it beats the heck out of seafair and bumbershoot!

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  • CrabblesCrabbles Registered User
    Done. I didn't see an entry for it, so I created one:

  • CrabblesCrabbles Registered User
    I also voted for Child's Play as best local charity.

  • MelceneMelcene Tacoma, WARegistered User regular
    Also voted Geek Chic for best furniture.

  • DariusWINDDariusWIND Registered User new member
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    Nice! With your vote, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) moved up 3 spots to 7th place - help them climb to the top!
    Nice! With your vote, Child's Play Charity moved up 4 spots to 10th place - help them climb to the top!

    I get the feeling not a lot of people have voted in this yet.

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  • PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    local event? so if we don't live in washington we shouldn't be voting for it?

  • DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    It's a local news website, talking about events local to the Seattle area. You don't need to be a Washington native to stuff the ballot in their little internet poll.

  • aquaoneaquaone Registered User regular
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    There are two entries for PAX right now. One is 4th place, one is 10th place. o_o;;

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  • elixicelixic Registered User
    Crabbles wrote:
    I also voted for Child's Play as best local charity.

    here is a link for the child's play charity, i voted for that one too.

  • TenaciousGGTenaciousGG Registered User
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    Crabbles wrote:
    I also voted for Child's Play as best local charity.

    Where was that on the poll list? I didn't see Charity.

    edit: Nevermind, found it under Services.

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  • hml151hml151 Registered User regular
    I voted both PAX and Child's Play, can't think of anything else I would vote for and support fully. Thank you for posting the links so I could do so.

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